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UTET-2 or Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test or TET-2 in Uttarakhand or second phase of the TET

New update- Click here to see the official notification of the UTET-2013 and other information

Government policy maker are now planning to conduct Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test-2 or UTET-II. The decision regarding the Teacher Eligibility Test-2 (TET-2) or the second phase of the TET in Uttarakhand is gong to be taken today by the education secretary Manisha Panwar in meeting with the other officers or the department.

That all exercise pertaining to the second phase or phase-2 of the TET is to fulfill the requirement of the NCTE rule (23rd August 2010) the top governing body regarding teacher education in India.

Well they may not decide whether what will happen to the UTET-1 candidates who could not make it to the VBTC. They may not decide on increasing the seats or vishist BTC seats. They will not decide on the clauses of the RTE.They may not decide on the solid plans to improve the conditions of the schools in the state.
Moreover it is not clear whether there will be posts or vacancies for recruitment after that UTET-2.
Hope they may be thinking on these issues apart from eating, drinking and amusement in that so called meeting of the high profiles of the state education department.

But it is sure that they will just increase the number of certificate holders eligible for teachership by burning another hole in your pocket. Be prepared for that. And then fret for the vacancies to be filled on that basis. As with that regard there is no serious talk in the air.

Rules are for us or we are for the rules?? You decide.

It is said the TET-II will be conducted as the minimum requirement for eligible teachers for class 6-8 or VI-VIII. UTET-1 had already been conducted for the primary teacher (1-5) eligibility.
You can read about the issues of UTET-1 or VBTC in the previous posts and their valuable comments in this website.

And if you have information regarding what these ladies and gentlemen have decided in actual, please let us know apart from what they will release in the press.

New- UTET-2013: UTET-I and UTET-II notification
Anyway your comments are welcome and visit again for anything that you want to know about this issue.

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