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Latest on issue of Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) B.Ed. Admission 2013 and 2nd entrance exam to fill up the vacant B.Ed seats!

Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) Dehradun had conducted entrance exam for its B.Ed Course 2012-13 in August 2012 for around 2600 seats. (Click here to see the details)

 Out of 1350 candidates who took the entrance exam 850 were successful and finally 450 students were willing to take admission out of them. These were sent to different colleges after counseling by the University.
But then some 26 more B.Ed. colleges affiliated to the UTU were reeling with problem of vacant seats. As newly opened self financed B.Ed. colleges are more for making money then anything else they resorted to giving admission to the extra 1500 candidates who had not gone through the entrance exam.

As per the policy they cannot give admission without entrance exam.

Government machinery after getting up from sleep, as usual, now invalidated those 1500 admissions. Now those new students are in lurch.
Colleges are saying that they have informed the authorities about their extra admissions without the entrance exam. And even prepared for the second entrance exam after taking permission from the NCTE to fill up the vacant B.Ed. seats of the UTU.

Now the colleges and the authorities are locking horns and showing their own importance but what about those candidates?

Some unconfirmed reports also said those colleges were giving admissions on basis of the HNB Garhwal University B.Ed. entrance exam 2012-13.

So by their self made rule or whatever you want to say that one can get admission in UTU B.Ed. on basis of Garhwal University entrance exam!

Now when whole thing is getting messed up, it is clear that that rumor was true and many students might be caught in the trap.
Colleges may not acknowledge this publicly. But it happened.

But the fact is what about future of those candidates.
Here in this website we have earlier written regarding the affiliation and other issue of B.Ed. colleges you can read that for your benefit

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