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Methods and process to start and run the virtual classes in government schools

Here in this article I will explain how you can start or switch on and/or shut off or shut down the system of virtual classes in your school. This is a rather simplified overview for the working of the virtual classes so that a non-technical or non tech savvy teacher or any person can operate the system with almost no or very basic knowledge of computer of TV or UPES or related things. As for more technical or Network related issues you will have to contact the engineers of the company or the concerned persons in the education department.
Following are sequential steps for opening and closing of the virtual class-
 How to open the virtual class set up-
Provided that everything in your school’s virtual class room is fixed and connected, simply put you have to switch on three things, first UPES then computer and LED TV. Detailed steps are as follow:
Switch on the UPES or UPS button by pressing a little more than usual. It should make a beep sound.
Now switch on the power button of the CPU unit or the computer.
Computer screen will be on showing the normal desktop view of computer or may directly open the virtual classes’ studios. You will have to select the proper studio. You can just click on any studio (studio 1 or studio 2 etc.) and see that the left bar below says “logging into the …” Classes will become live. Or some time you will have to press the refresh button to get more studios visible on the computer screen. Then select that studio (by double click of mouse) from the list of studios.
Next you should switch on or power on the LED TV with remote provided with the setup.
Mostly the LED TV will directly open the classes. If not so and If you see different apps on the TV screen then move the direction buttons on the TV remote and select the TV then press OK.
How to close the set up
First go to the computer screen and upper right corner to find “session” the click on it to get “Exit” option and then click on it.
Then press escape on the computer keyboard to come out of the virtual classes.
Now just shut down the computer through normal shut down process by selecting the lower left window options and then selecting shut down.
Wait to see the all light of the CPU cabinet goes off.
Then just press the “off” button on the UPES/UPS till beep sound to shut off the system as a whole.
You need not to close the LED TV separately. You need not to take out any wires as such.
This is just a brief process to work on the virtual classes for a non-technical person. There can be tweaks and by passes for the whole processes if you want to ask questions related to the running of the setup you can ask in comments. I will try to provide the answer. If you want I may go for a long lecture on this topic for sake of helping students through you.
If you feel any problem in switching on/off or some other technical issue you can comment below.

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