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Virtual classes in the government schools of Uttarakhand

Virtual classes have been started in more than 500 government schools of state of Uttarakhand. Further education department has initiated Grooming Young Minds (GYM) and Mission for Excellence in Examination (MEE) programme with the help of these virtual classes. These virtual classes may be boon to the various durgam (inaccessible) schools of Uttarakhand where there are shortages of staff or subject teachers. These are kind of audio visual rich exciting experience for the children of government schools of Uttarakhand who have never even seen an LED TV at their home or never seen the computers or even mobiles. If maintained and run with right attitude by the concerned persons of the education department of the state government, these can be a game changer in long run. However it’s only half battle won unless these audio video classes in government schools are used properly and more significantly maintained and developed further. Generally it is seen that in government sector things are taken casually and not maintained properly due to various reasons which I don’t want to discuss here for now.
Virtual classes are basically a kind of live video conferencing where there are live lectures and the students can interact in real time with the teachers teaching at the studio (set up at Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidayalaya, Nalapani road Dehradun). There is prescribed schedule for the lectures to be delivered at particular time slot. For now the focus is on the subject of Science and Maths for classes 9-12th.
I will in new article try to give you further details of the virtual classes in Uttarakhand.

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