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Result of UTET-2011: latest news, B.P.Ed., Vishist BTC in Uttarakhand, PTA teachers

Click here to check your result and the revised answer keys of UTET-1 with some questions (15th November)

Link for new related article after the declaration of the result is below.

So if you are one of candidate who is hoping for some good news after the results and appointment of inter college Lecturers and LT teachers. Then we want to inform you that if newspaper reports are to be believed then it seems that matter may be dragged for one more month until the election process starts.

Note- There are already 14 posts in this Blog that were written during various stages and aspects of UTET so if you are new here you must look into those posts and their valuable comments to know about the whole matter properly.

Government had previously assured to fill up around 2200 primary teachers posts (which have gone up to 3300 now) in the state through vishist BTC after the result of UTET.
Going by the new right to education (RTE) Vishist BTC would no longer be available after January 2012. So to put in simple terms there is just one month within which result of UTET and appointment of primary teacher have to be finalized. And you can see how things are going right now.
Are they waiting for that Dharna or hunger strike by these peoples?
LT candidates did that and they have got some success! It has become trend of democracy nowadays.
“Mother also feeds her child when he/she cries! Otherwise she remains busy in her household chores.”
Hope you understand what I am saying.
Let us remind you that court has already barred B.P.Ed. C.P.Ed., etc from appearing in TET. (However they might get the lollipop of PTA by the government)
Further according to newspaper report court has also asked to remove the criteria of 50% (in graduation) to appear in TET for B.Ed. degree holders and consider LT equivalent to B.Ed.
Note- passing mark for the UTET is still 60%.
And for five wrong questions in the UTET all would be given equal marks.

Government has to finalize the whole process within the above directions of the court which are said to be the main causes of the delay in the result declaration.
There also said to be the issue of some outer state candidates who appeared in the UTET.
However that is all not a very big thing for them, only little bit of genuine concern for the peoples and will power is needed.
But as is well known both things are rarely found at the top. Hope coming election breeze may ruffle their feather a bit. But you also need to be proactive for your own future not just reading this article or any other news and waiting for the Government to act.
Make them act.
Here in this website you can also try to find peoples who share common concern and if needed make a proper contact with each other either through phone no. emails etc. come together and make your voice heard at the top level at this time otherwise it may be too late.
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A.N.M (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery), G.N.M (General Nursing and Midwifery) courses in Uttarakhand- counseling schedule- 2011

New- second counseling will be on 12th and 13th November and rest of things will remain same as below. (Check for more details after sometime)

To know about the ANM and GNM courses or the full merit list and the result of the exam please look the previous relevant posts.

Now first counseling held on 29th and 30th October is over and second counseling will be conducted on two dates:
ANM- 12th November and for
GNM- 13th November
Time: 8am to 3pm – registration and verification of all categories and then after 3pm there will be seat allotment (on both days)

Note- for second counseling candidates within the rank of 300 can take part.

Click here to see the first merit list for the counseling

Counseling venue- state school of nursing, 107 Chander Nagar, Dehradun

Counseling fee- INR 200 in cash has to be submitted on the day of counseling.

Carry one set of photocopy of necessary document along with the originals.

If you are allotted seat you must submit a demand draft of INR 2000 in favor of ‘mahanideshak chikitsa, swasthya awam parivar kalyan vibhag, Uttarakhand’ on the same day.

You can also send a known person to the counseling on your behalf if you are unable to come in person.
Click here to see the official notice.
For details please check ‘DAINIK JAGRAN’ (page no.13) or ‘AMAR UJALA’ (page no.21) of today (October 22, 2011).
Or if you want to ask something else let us know through comment.

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 semester system in Garhwal University,
 which mobile service is better in Uttarakhand,
 question papers of Samuh-g,   
 pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.
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Result of Clerk and stenographer recruitment exam-2011 for Nainital High Court and dates of type/steno tests, answer keys

New- successful candidates are now being called for the second phase of the type/steno test from 13 December to 17 December, 2011.

Click here to see the result

Successful candidates are being called for the first type/steno test at the High court premises in Nainital from 14th November to 18th of November.

You have to bring some documents along with you which are mentioned below the file containing the roll number and dates of the test.
Click here to see the file or the official notification

Click here to check the final answer keys

Read about other issues related to question papers of Samuh-g,, semester system in Garhwal University, which mobile service is better in Uttarakhand pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

List of appointed LT teachers in Uttarakhand, letters of appointment, latest postings or placement and of selected LT candidates in various government schools of Uttarakhand, final LT result and merit list by

New-check new update regarding the LT waiting list

Garhwal mandal LT art list is there

Click here to check the list and notice regarding verification of the documents for some tentative (aupbhandhik) candidates of the Kumaon region on 7th November

Click here to check the list and the notice regarding verification of documents of the tentative (aupbhandhik) candidates of Garhwal region on 31st October and 1st, 2nd November
Note- click the appropriate red links (after visiting the site) to download the list or notice from that website

So finally government has decided to officially declare the list of final appointment of the selected candidates in the LT recruitment exam-2010-11. Our heartiest congratulation to the genuinely appointed teachers.
Click here to see the LT teachers appointment list of Garhwal mandal
Click here to see the LT teachers appointment list of Kumaon mandal
Click here to visit the site and check the scrolling recent announcement or recent update section
We have been following this matter right from the beginning. So you can also check other previous post and their comments to know how it has come to this stage.
The whole process has been patchy and suspicious and is still the same.

This LT process was under investigation but now candidates are being issued appointment letters via registered post (as said by the education minister).
 What happened to that investigation?

 According to education minister of the state if you are the selected one then within 20 days of release of the letter you will have to take the charge so be careful for any postal delay. And appointment letters are being issued from the two divisional offices.

There are around 65 candidates who will be appointed after the scrutiny of their documents. Of the 1400 appointments around 1002 are new appointments.

Officials are also tight lipped about the number of vacant LT seats and number of LT teachers who are being appointed against those seats in Kumaon region.
If you tax you memory a little there were comparatively more seats in Kumaon region than in Garhwal region.
I wish someone use RTI regarding this.

And if you are the waitlisted one then you might be waiting till eternity unless you all get together and bang on their head at right time and in fact till next month or so is the right time or forget about it later. Even the appointments are being taken by candidates through continuously nagging them and it has become a trend now.
You all reading above might be teachers and hope you understand well what I want to say.
 Anyway at least someone is getting the job.
It is an open forum and you are free to express yourself in a decent manner.

Walk-in interview- posts of teachers for the self-financed B.Ed. course in the government colleges in Uttarakhand, requires faculty for colleges in Uttarakhand

Posts are on temporary basis and for the session 2010-11
The posts are
1- HOD’s
2-lecturers Hindi, English, sociology (History, Geography, Economics, political science) Math, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany

Registration is must before the interviews which are on different dates (1st, 2nd, 3rd November) for different category.
Place of interview- government Women College, Nawabi road Haldwani, Nainital

How to appear- reach the venue in person with application (include personal and academic details) in A-4 size paper along with self attested photocopies of relevant documents and two pp size photograph.

Click here to check necessary details from the website
Further details can also be taken from the notice in the page9 of ‘AMAR UJALA’ dated 18th October, 2011.
Earlier Garhwal University also advertised for various posts. Check them in previous posts.

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result of ANM and GNM entrance test-2011 in Uttarakhand- Rank and Marks

New- click here to know about new merit list and the first counseling schedule 2011

The entrance test for which was held on 9th of October 2011 has been declared. You can also check your marks along with your ranking.

you can also read other articles in this website written exclusively for A.N.M (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery), G.N.M (General Nursing and Midwifery) courses in Uttarakhand.

ANM and GNM 2012

What you should know about B.Ed.course of HNB Garhwal University 2010-2011- NCTE approved B.Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand

As result B.Ed. entrance exam -2010-11 of Garhwal University is already declared,
There would be mad rush for the admission in B.Ed. colleges.
So if you are going to take admission in any of B.Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand then you should be aware of these points.
Most of the colleges are may be affiliated to HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar but to your dismay they may not have approval to run the B.Ed. course from the main central governing body called National Council for Teacher Education or NCTE.(And which is the most necessary requirement for such professional courses).

Click here to check the list of various B.Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand approved by NCTE

NOTE- NCTE also updates their website after some delay and asks viewers to check the gazette notification.
According to new ruling of NCTE the approval of course in the colleges is renewed every year. So if the college had approval earlier they must secure the latest approval letter for new session.

So if you have enough courage (which you must have for your own future) then ask the college officials to show you the letter of approval or the official gazette notification. Or ask them what they are doing from their side to get the much required NCTE approval.

According to newspaper reports Garhwal University has woken up after three years and sent a letter to NCTE to quickly grant the approval to various colleges.
However things are going on as such for the last three years and nothing serious happened. And if something happens then student’s future is likely to suffer. So why not be on a safer side right from the beginning. Tell other friends or person known to you about this issue so that they may take the good decision.

Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-gUTET-1, B.Ed.  question papers of Samuh-g, pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.
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Semester system in Garhwal University, schedule of semester system in Garhwal University, Semester exam system of HNBGU

Garhwal University, Srinagar is now following the semester system in PG courses.

Following are some points you should know to clear your doubts regarding this system-

1-every semester will have six courses (or papers).
2-every course or paper will have six units.
3-theory paper- 60%
4-internal assessment- 40%
5-40% marks are necessary in internal assessment of each course or paper.
6-passsing marks (combined of theory and internal assessment) - 50%
7-first semester back paper exam will be conducted in the third semester.
8- PG course must be completed within 8 semesters (or four years)
9-attendance required to sit in the exams-75% (50% is special case)

Schedule for this semester-

Admission-16 July to 30th July
Academic session- 2nd August to 24th December
Exam form submission- by 1st October
Practical exam- 20th November
Final exam- 1st December

Passing marks of 50% may be a good step to curb the unnecessary admissions and wastage of resources in higher education.
Semester system is norm of modern time. But 20 to 30% would have been good proposition as followed by IGNOU. 40% marks in internal assessment opens doors for the nepotism and favoritism by the teachers which is rampant in our system. There should be strict norms for the transparency and objectivity in any internal assessment. And more of field work; practical work, community related work, opportunity to express their creativity etc. should be included in the internal assessment.

Generally it may become futile exercise rather than forcing students to prepare for some ‘before the exam’ useful work.
And last but not least everyone knows how the criterion of 75% attendance is fulfilled in our colleges. However just imagine the situation where suppose just 80% students (not even 98%) admitted in a course on a single day simultaneously attend a class in a single classroom (which has arrangement for limited students) of  DAV Dehradun or in fact any other college!
There should be practical and viable solutions to such problems.

Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-g,  question papers of Samuh-g, pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.
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Result of B.Ed. entrance exam-2010 of Garhwal University

New- click here to see the first counseling schedule and cut-off merit list

The much awaited result of the B.Ed. entrance test of Garhwal University, Srinagar is declared.
Note-please remember that Garhwal university B.Ed. session is running a year behind the schedule.
Click here to enter your roll number and check your result
Click here visit the official website and check the news and events section

 What you should know regarding B.Ed. in Uttarakhand

Read about other issues related to semester system in Garhwal University, which mobile service is better in UttarakhandLT resultgroup-c or Samuh-g, question papers of Samuh-g, pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

Which is most reliable mobile service provider in Uttarakhand? Best mobile network or mobile service operator in hill areas or remote interiors of Uttarakhand; compare network connectivity services of GSM mobile operators in Uttarakhand

If you are one of the resident of this state or a person coming from outside of the state or even a foreign national coming here for some reason or other then you must have faced the dilemma of choosing a mobile service provider which will help you remain connected with the rest of the world.

Remember in hill areas (as 88% of Uttarakhand is in mountains) even you good reliable service provider whether Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance Tata etc. may leave you in lurch. (Even if they promise you sky is the limit).
 Here in this article I am trying to help you figure out what is best for you as far as connectivity is concerned.
Various service providers generally put their devices on single towers in remote areas.
BSNL owing to its reach in the remote areas through its old established basic infrastructure facilities (remember I said old and I mean it) is still one of the reliable mobile service operator.
Of late Idea has made good penetration into the nondescript areas of the state thanks to setting up of more new towers as compared to other service providers.
They are also collaborating with Airtel for providing the services.
 Signal strength fluctuates a lot for all these three service providers which may affect the calls. (Airtel signal, if present, however remain comparatively stable).
For internet Idea signals are rooky (if the signals are there at all). Yes they are rooky and fluctuate at rapid rate as compared to Airtel. Airtel signal may not go as high as Idea’s signals but they give better constant quality surfing.
For surfing internet BSNL signal are very weak but may be the last option many times.
Airtel signal strength seems to be constant and best in the lower plane areas of Haridwar, Dehradun etc.
If you are traveling in the hill areas then BSNL would be your last resort until the mobile catches the signal of nearby service tower. (Even BSNL may go off for few minutes)
Of late I have heard from the peoples of those areas such as regions of Uttarkashi or Pauri-Garhwal that they can avail good service of Idea as compared to any other service provider.
Peoples also said (in some regions of Rudraprayag) that even when mobile is showing signal they could not make or receive calls with other service providers other than BSNL.
And they have to quite often go to some suitable nearby places to find mobile connectivity signals.
I wanted to know more about Vodafone but I could not find enough customers known to me for Vodafone especially for the upper hill part of Uttarakhand.

Reliance boast of large network (may be for planes only). With Reliance long beep of trying to connect to someone at the dead moment would irritate you to smash your phone quite often.
Customers of Aircel, Uninor, Tata teleservices and others are difficult to find in remote regions. And peoples complain lot about the services. They are good for their cheap affordable most often confusing plans for various services in the plane regions of Uttarakhand.
If you want to check the service provider in your areas just go to setting of mobile and select manual (default is automatic) network and it will show you all service providers active in that area.
So finally it would be better to have at least above mentioned three SIMs (BSNL, Airtel or Idea) in your kitty to use them in different places and situation for the hill regions.
Process of selection more often requires trial and error methods but it may be worth it.
Here I have not taken plans of service providers and customer service into consideration.
This article is based on personal experience and the inputs from other peoples using the services.  
You are welcome to share your own experience in the comment section.

Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-g, B.Ed. , question papers of Samuh-g, pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

A.N.M (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery), G.N.M (General Nursing and Midwifery) courses in Uttarakhand- admit card, centers of exam, date and time of entrance exam

New- click here to see the final merit list of pre-ANM entrance test
Click here to see the final merit list of pre-GNM entrance test
Date of entrance exam- 9th October, 2011
GNM- 10 am to 12 noon
ANM- 2 pm to 4 pm
Admit card- if not received by 6th of October then you can use the copy (anulipi) of admit card from the prospectus.
Center of exam- check the website in the link below and if you are in the list of eligible candidates then your name and roll number and center of exam is mentioned in front of your name.
There is also list of rejected candidates available in the website with reasons of rejection mentioned in front of each name.
For further enquiry I suggest you to call them at the numbers given in the website.
05944-235029, 05946-255255, 282824, ext.220, 224

Click here to check your name in the list given in the scrolling latest news section of the website of Government Medical College, Haldwani 
Click here to see the list of eligible candidate, roll number and exam center for GNM
Click here to see the list of rejected candidates with cause of rejection for GNM

Click here to see the list of eligible candidate, roll number and exam center for ANM
Click here to see the list of rejected candidates with cause of rejection for ANM

You can also visit the official website of GB pant University of agriculture and technology, Pantnagar (it is difficult to find information in this link or website so better check the first link given above)

Or check 'Amar Ujala’ dated 5th October, (page 11).
And even could not get solution then comment here and we would try our best.
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Garhwal University, Srinagar M.Ed. admission-2010-11 session, M.Ed. entrance exam of Garhwal University

Date of entrance test- November 20, 2011 
Center- Garhwal University campus, Srinagar
Forms available- 8th October to 24th October from University cash counter Srinagar, Garhwal and University office at Dehradun near Bindal bridge by paying cash of Rupees 500
Or by paying Rupees 550 through bank challan deposited into the University’s SBI bank account.

Completely filled form along with all necessary documents photocopies must reach University office by 28th October, 2011.

Read official notification here

Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-g , B.Ed. Uttarakhand police recruitment, question papers of Samuh-g and pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

LT exam result, Final LT merit list, appointment of LT teachers in Uttarakhand Latest LT news in Uttarakhand

Check new article on LT appointment merit list 
There are already many posts and useful comments in this website which are telling the whole story of the LT recruitment exam-2010-11 till date. If you are new to this website go and read previous articles and the comments to apprise yourself with many facts and the happening regarding the LT exam or final LT merit list.
Change of guard at the upper ministerial level has also affected the LT issue.
Earlier education minister of state was taking decision bit quickly as compared to the new minister of education.
Selected candidates of LT exam are now said to be sitting in dharna in front of education department at Dehradun demanding quick resolution of the issue and their appointment.

New CM Mr. B.C. Khanduri has already ordered the inquiry into the LT exam. So things are going to be delayed for sure. (Nothing new in this)
UBTER Roorkee which was earlier saying that they are crystal clear would now face the heat of inquiry. Lets see if truth comes out or not (which is rare possibility)
If you have read the earlier articles, you can figure out that there were obvious signs of mistake or nepotism in the result declaration process.
Education department’s role also should come under the purview of the inquiry.
One more thing came to us while we looked at the final merit list of LT as declared on 24th August, 2011.
If I am not wrong, the general cut-off in merit list should be higher than any category (say woman, SC or ST Etc.)
But if you deeply look into the merit of some subjects cut-off marks for general category are lower than other category (say woman category)!
Now the consequence would be the ouster of many woman candidates from this list but they were there in previous list (1st June).
You should confirm this from the final merit list which you can find in previous posts.
Please clear my doubts if I am wrong.
Some peoples are also had gone and are going to the court to settle things.
Some court cases are obviously genuine but some cases I would say are unnecessarily stalling the whole process. (Check comments of previous post)
Even court’s stance seems to be surprising sometime.
However court takes decision on basis of the evidences that are presented in support or against any issue.
Moreover if you are eagerly looking for waiting list of the LT result (as there was talk of 25% increase), there is no good news for those candidates.

Going by a newspaper report government seems to be backtracking on their previous saying. Report said that waiting list would include only those candidates who have given their complaints (pratyavedans). And only if your complaints are found genuine otherwise forget about it!
Somehow and by hook and crook they just want to keep their loved ones within the merit list?
And are you peoples getting the reply of those pratyavedans? Tell us what they said.
If you have something in your mind we are listening. At least we can share.

Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-gB.Ed. Uttarakhand police recruitment, question papers of Samuh-g, pattern or syllabus of Samuh-g exam, ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

Direct recruitment of group-B (kha) and group-c (ga) in Uttarakhand, UKPSC, Kankhal Haridwar group-b (kha) and group-c (ga) recruitment

Date of advertisement- 1st October, 2011

Last date- 31st October, 2011
Place to get the OMR forms- designated post offices of the state
Cost of the form- Rupees 220 for general and 130 for others
Place to send the form- secretary, UKPSC, singhdwar, Kankhal, po- Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar 249404
Separate forms need to be sent if applying for more than one post.
There will be negative marking in the objective type screening paper for these posts.

For group-c post - registration in Uttarakhand employment exchange is must. And there is one time relaxation of 5 years on upper age limit.

Group-B Posts- principal, adhikshak, (1 each for Uttarakhand woman candidate only) and vyawasthadhikari, 2 posts (one reserved for woman)

Group-c posts- Junior Engineers in sahari vikas vibhag (total 9 posts) and in electrical dept. (total of 2 posts), kar and rajaswa adhikshak (10 posts) and nirikhshak (38 posts), Safai and khadya nirikshak (65 posts).

Click here to get further details of the advertisement from the official website
Or check ‘Amar Ujala’ dated 1st October, 2011.

Number of posts can be counted on fingers and minimum requirements also seems to be discouraging common graduates from applying for the posts.
Further these posts could have been bundled with the previous advertisements of group-B and group-C to avoid the extra burden on the unemployed youths and also to avoid the costly, time consuming process of separate recruitment.
I may be overlooking the technical difficulties in the above process (combining these with other previous advertisement) but it’s not that impossible kind of thing if our policy makers really think of it. But who cares?
After all that would only drain state’s money or money of the common peoples involved in the whole process. And thank to the educated unemployment there would be definite mad rush to fill the forms. And all knows that process might get stretched for years (hope it may not happen with UKPSC) and some  of you may loose their photocopy of the OMR application or even forget about this form by then, or worst the process may be dragged in court (as happening with other cases).
How and why can’t we pressurize the policy makers to be accountable, time bound, rational and holistic in their approach while making any policy for the benefit of common peoples?
What is your opinion?
Read about other issues related to LT resultgroup-c or Samuh-g,, B.Ed. Uttarakhand police recruitment ANM and GNM courses etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.
If you have something new to share please let us know.


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Job (1) Age limit for UKPCS jobs (1) Aided Colleges (1) Airtel 3G service (1) Assam Rifles (1) BAMS (1) BBA (1) BHMS (1) Berojgari Bhatta (1) CBRI Roorkee (1) CLAT (1) CPMEE (1) Caste Certificate (1) D.A.V. (P.G.) 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