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Recruitment under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) by Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Limited (UPNL) 2012

8th April, 2012- Check some latest recruitment under SSA

UPNL is going to fill up some of the post in the Uttarakhand in the name of national scheme of SSA.

What is SSA?
In brief, launched in 2001 it is national programme to provide necessary and relevant elementary education to the all children of age 6-14 and ensure that they continue the schooling at the primary level.

Following are some of the posts that are to be filled:
1- Block Resource Persons (BRP) in each block of Uttarakhand

2- 15 Cluster Resource Persons (CRP) in following districts of Uttarakhand
Bageshwar- 2 posts
Tehri Garhwal-2 posts
U.S. Nagar-5 posts
Uttarkashi-6 posts
There are also some UPNL vacancies under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) 2012

Last date of the completely filled forms for SSA vacancies to reach following address of UPNL through registered post is 10th March, 2012.

Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Limited (UPNL)
Station Sub Area Canteen Complex
Garhi Cantt

Note- The official website as of now has no details for these posts so please check this page again for more information or any useful link later.
For further enquiry you can contact the following phone number-
Ph- 0135-2752178
You can share your views and information with us through comments.

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“Waiting list” of Uttarakhand Inter College Lecturers exam-2009, why teachers are not willing to move to the remote areas (durgam, ati durgam) of the Uttarakhand?

New- Appointments of the waiting list of lecturer exam 2009

Let us remind you that this exam (“Screening test for lectures in government inter colleges 2009”)  was conducted by Uttarakhand PSC on 26th of May 2010  for the 1699 post of lecturers of various subject in the schools of Uttarakhand. Later on interviews were conducted in 2011. And then 1524 candidates got the appointments.
But 366 candidates have not joined till now.

Therefore, according to newspaper reports Education Directorate, Dehradun or Siksha Nideshalya has requested for the 25% waiting list of the candidates from UKPSC.
So after the process of the election is over there are chances of lecturer grade waiting list.
And Director C.S. Gwal has also confirmed this.

 What are the reasons for their not joining? Factors may vary. Some may be looking for appointments in the places of choice (may be their own village) and others may have some other reasons. Same is the case with the LT recruitment process.

Whatever may be the reason, looking into the situation of unemployment in Uttarakhand, especially the white collar unemployment decisions on such issues should be prompt and straightforward. What you say?

Well we also believe that teachers appointed in the remote hill regions of Uttarakhand should be encouraged through various measures. And there should be strict and quick measures for the defaulters or the naysayer.
We have heard of the policies being designed to encourage the Doctors to work in the villages of Uttarakhand. Why not make separate such policies for the teachers also?

Teachers working in those hill corners of state should have much better salary package or perks for working in those areas as compared to those working in plane areas like Dehradun (we read that some are working in the education department through their approach rather than working in schools) , Haridwar, US Nagar etc.
Teachers should be more concerned with teaching rather than anything else.

Rule for the rotation of teachers between the planes, dugam (remote) and ati durgam (far remote) etc. can be made more rational. For some places the distinction between the durgam and ati durgam is vague.
It needs to be improved.

There are policies but there might be loopholes which are generally exploited by few in power or with high approach.
Well we would like to hear your views through comments.

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Latest news and views on Vishist BTC 2011-12 in Uttarakhand: Nainital High Court Decisions and other issues

As the previous article has gone bit longer, so we decided to put new information regarding the Vishist BTC (VBTC) or the process of recruitment of 2253 primary teachers in Uttarakhand in this article.

If you want to get informed about the whole matter please go through the previous UTET-1 related articles and then read the Part-1 of this post and the valuable comments of our visitors on Vishist or special BTC process in UK.

What the matter is all about- Let us recall that the candidates who have qualified
(around 15000) the Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET-1) in or Central Teacher Eligibility test in 2011 were called in to apply for the “been forced to declare by the state government” posts of  just 2253 teacher in the government primary schools of Uttarakhand. Well the lazy and may be too clever government machinery played it smart and came out with the posts just in the last moments of the elections in the state (may be deliberately, to appease each faction with the clashing motives) enough to give the momentary relief to the unemployed youths. But then some candidates mostly who haven’t cleared the above UTET-1 or CTET and some regular BTC candidates due to their confusion or insecurity and some other peoples with their personal vendetta went to the court and the process was stalled.

As far as the latest information from the Nainital High Court is concerned the hearing is fixed for tomorrow i.e. 22nd Feb, 2012 under a new Judge.
So friends today’s (22nd Feb, 2012) update is that court has delayed the process for perhaps another two weeks.
Today’s (13th March) update says that the matter is further extended for another two weeks.
Well that was bit anticipated. Process may go on till the formation of new government.
If any information comes in between this we will put that here.

23rd March, 2012- Friends reports are there that Court has directed the Education Secretary and the Director to file their views on the 346 various writs that are related to VBTC and UTET. And perhaps 29th is the new date of hearing.
But some source has confirmed that the Judge hearing this case will be busy in some family affair so the date may be extended further.
Well not good news for those 15000 candidates. But what is surprising is the number of writs that are there.

28th March, 2012- 9th April might be the new date. But what is coming out from there is that some candidates based on the information gained through RTI from the education directorate, are planning to challenge the inclusion of the regular BTC candidates within this recruitment process without TET. They want that all post should be reserved for the TET passed candidates.

10th April, 2012- wait for another week and perhaps another week after that also. That is Indian system.
And highlighting the slackness or inaptitude or whatever it is of the Uttarakhand government, one newspaper reports that in the state of Assam, Manipur and Chattisgarh B.Ed. candidates are eligible for the basic school teaching up to 2014. These state had already taken permission regarding that before the expiry of provision (B.Ed. candidates are not eligible to become a primary school teacher)
on 31st December, 2011. Our government talks of writing it to NCTE but result is in front of you.

19th April, 2012- The proceeding has been adjourned till Tuesday, 24th April.

24th April, 2012- The proceeding has been adjourned till 2nd May, 2012. In spite of the promises or declaration made by Mr. Naithani, this adjournment came into effect due to the advocate representing the state Government.

2nd May, 2012- Today after a long wait the maximum part of the case was heard by the judge but the final hearing and the judgment may come up tomorrow. And some positive sign are there for the Vishist BTC or UTET-1 candidates. Perhaps tomorrow we will post some part of it.
One point that come to our notice through the comments posted below by the respected visitors that some candidates trying to go for the agitation. But are they agitating against the court? against the state Government? And will it be fruitful? Unless and until the matter is in court Government would not be doing anything or in fact cannot do anything reasonable. Just try to ensure that the matter is not get prolonged due to the state government or any small vested interests of very few peoples. What can be done at this moment is to get the matter out of court and then pressure the government (or to be more precise put pressure on Naithaniji who has hinted toward increasing the posts earlier also) for increasing the seats of the VBTC. However there is no harm in a previous meeting at certain place to have a proper strategy before taking any action.
What is your opinion regarding this view?

3rd May, 2012- Those waiting for the decision of the Naitital High Court regarding the UTET-1 or the VBTC might have…….click to go to the new information

Please visit new page link given for the new article related to this topic.

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Intermediate or 12th Board Exam 2012 Time Table and date sheet by Uttarakhand VIdhyaleye Siksha Parishad, Ramnagar (Nainital)

New update- Check the result of the UK board Intermediate exam 2012

Following is the official Schedule of the Uttarakhand Board Exam 2012

Date and day
Subjects in the UK Board 12th Exam 2012
12th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Military Sciences
Computer Sciences
13th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
Agriculture Hindi (for Agriculture Part-II)
14th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Drawing and Painting
15th march, Thursday
10 am-1pm
Geography, Math, Geology,  Krishi Shashya Vigyan Paper-I (for Agriculture Part-I)
Krishi Shashya Vigyan Paper-8 (for Agriculture Part-II)

17th March, Saturday
10 am-1pm
Political Sciences,  Lekha Shastra, Krishi Vanaspati Vigyan paper-II(for Agriculture Part-I)
, Krishi Arthshastra  paper-7 (for Agriculture Part-II)

19th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Psychology, Education, Logic, Physics, Krishi Bhautiki and Jalwayu Vigyan paper-3 (for Agriculture Part-I)

Krishi Jsntu Vigyan paper-8 (for Agriculture Part-II)

20th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
21st March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Hindustani Sangeet (Gayan)
Hindustani Sangeet (Parksan vadan)
Hindustani Sangeet (Melodic vadan)

Krishi abhiyantran paper-4 (for Agriculture Part-I)
Krishi pashupalan awam pashu chikitsa vigayan paper-9(for Agriculture Part-II)

22nd March, Thursday
10 am-1pm
History, Chemistry, Agricultural Math, Statistics paper-5 (for Agriculture Part-I)
Agricultural Chemistry paper-10 (for Agriculture Part-II)

24th March, Saturday
10 am-1pm
26th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Urdu, Punjabi
27th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
28th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Sociology, Biology
29th March, Thursday
10 am-1pm
Home Science
30th March, Friday
10 am- 1pm

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High School or 10th Board Exam 2012 Time Table and date sheet by Uttarakhand VIdhyaleye Siksha Parishad, Ramnagar (Nainital)

New update- Check the result of the UK board (10th) exam 2012

Following is the official time table for the Uttarakhand Board Exam 2012 for the 10th standard.

Date and day
12th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
14th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
16th March, Friday
10 am-1pm
Social Sciences
17th march, Saturday
10am-12 noon
Hindustani Sangeet (Gayan)
Hindustani Sangeet (Parksan vadan)

10 am-1pm
Ranjan Kala
19th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
21st March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
22nd March, Thursday
10am-12 noon
Hindustani Sangeet (Melodic vadan)
Typing Hindi or English
10 am- 12:30 pm
Information and Technology
10 am-1pm
Vyaparic tatwa
Bahikhata awam Lekha shastra
24th March, Saturday
10 am-1pm
Home Science (1- for Girls only and 2- For Boys and Girls who haven’t taken it as compulsory Paper
26th of March, Monday
10 am-1pm
27th March, Tuesday
10 am-11:30 am
Science Practical Objective Type exam
28th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm

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How and where to report the errors or mistakes in the official answer sheet or answer keys of the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission exams, Performa or format of the writing application or letter for corrections in the answer keys of the UKPSC

After declaration of the answer keys of any exam conducted by the Uttarakhand PCS generally there arises mistakes or errors in the official answer keys. Some of them are the factual and conceptual errors. Some common factual error need to be corrected for the integrity and the transparency of the whole process.

We are giving you the format below as prescribed by the UKPSC with an example and little more explanation. However please remember it is for reference only and you can submit your doubts and those questions in the prescribed format in your own way.

Serial number

Question Booklet series number
Question number
Expected answer
Answer given in the keys
Source/attached proof in support of the expected answer
General studies
b- 750-1100 Mts.
a- 850-1200 Mts.
1-Uttarakhand Year Book by Winsor publication , page no- …

2- "Uttarakhand Samagra Gyankosh" by Dr. Rajendra Balodi, page number…
An Official website of the Government of India, or NCERT Book page number….
Political Science

Make up the above table like format on a plane paper and include following documents with the duly filled format:
1- Attach photocopy of that answer page from the book with the above format.
2- Attach a CD or so if that is a soft copy or any internet material.
3- Solve the whole question in proper steps duly mentioned (if it is a math’s or statistics question) on a separate paper and then attach that paper with this format. If you can find a similar question solved in any authentic book then it will be better to put copy of that page along with the Performa.
4- Please remember that matter of the well known books and authors will make the case more strong.
5- Books like say “Winsor” etc. may not be accepted as proof. But there is no harm in sending as many proofs as possible.
6- If you want to say anything else put it in separate papers.

On the top of the outer part of  envelop write the purpose of the application or letter:
For example- write “Application for the correction of the answers in the UKPSC Upper Subordinate/Civil Service exam (Pre) 2010”

Send the Application with the necessary documents to the address:
Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC), Gurukul Kangri Singhdwar, Haridwar Uttarakhand.

Important note- UKPSC has just provided the headings given in the Performa. Other points related to the Performa are for reference and are example only. So don’t copy the material within the format as such.

You can suggest us any changes in the above format and do tell us what you think from your side.
Your comments are welcome.
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Final result and cut-off marks of the UKPSC Assistant Prosecuting Officers (APO) main exam 2009 held on 4 to 5 June 2011, merit list of the successful candidates

Final result of the Sahayak Abhiyojan Adhikari or APO exam 2009 (mains) conducted by Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, Haridwar has been declared on the base of the written test held on 4th to 5th June 2011 and subsequent interviews from 13th Feb to 17th Feb, 2012.

Roll wise list of the 677 candidates appeared in the mains along with the marks obtained in the written exam and the final interview is available.
Check the marks of the different candidates

Out of those 677 candidates 71 have been finally selected. Cut-off marks of the written exam and the final cut-off marks after the interview for the different categories and the merit list of the successful candidates selected as APO in the Uttarakhand is there in the link below.
Check the cut-off and the final list of the successful candidates

Important- However there is writ in the Nainital High Court regarding this matter. So result may get affected in future.

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Recruitment under Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) in education department by Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Limited (UPNL) 2012

Page Updated on 9th of March, 2012
What is UPNL?
It is kind of consultancy or service provider with turnover of around 118 crores that is supposed to be working for the welfare of the Ex- service personnel or their dependents by providing them the opportunities of employment. However in certain cases they can also recruit the other candidates. Generally various contract base vacancies or posts under many government departments are filled through the UPNL.They charge the fees (service charges) from the respective companies or the departments for providing Manpower to these companies.

Now UPNL has been in limelight just before the elections because of some allegations of the contract base recruitments or even appointments in the education department without following proper rules and regulations.
However UPNL didn’t advertise for these posts (even we came to know about them through persons visiting Dehradun UPNL office and submitting the forms). Later on whole story came out in newspaper.
Well due to nearing elections and public outrage finally government had to stop the recruitment process.

As of now offices of the UPNL is showing the notice of suspending the recruitment process till the election code of conduct is removed.
Please check again for any update on this topic.

Actually there are around 1979 different posts available in the education department.
Following are some of the posts in the
1- Resource persons- 285 posts (salary 15000)
2- Alpkalik Anudeshak- 1221 posts (salary 5000)
2- Accountants
3- Samanvayak (coordinator)
4- Cluster Resources
Click here to know about some recruitment under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) programme
Jobs of Steno, Clerks, Psychologists, Counselor and Research Associate by UPNL

According to the Managing Director of UPNL Brigadier (Retd.) A.N. Bahuguna, 31st March is the last date of these recruitments,

Reports in one newspaper claimed that the UPNL’s office for the Kumaon region at Haldwani was accepting the forms though through back door which caused uproar among the other youths there.

Those who have applied for the post of Laboratory Assistant/Office Assistant earlier might see the result or the merit list of the selected candidates on 5th of March, 2012 in the website of UPNL.
Check the list of  selected candidates as Lab Assistants

Click here to visit the UPNL website

Please remember that as the whole process has been under suspicion right from the inception so there is not much clarity regarding whole recruitment process.
Hope someone of you can tell us or the audience more about this recruitment.

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Answer keys of Uttarakhand PCS (combined Civil/Upper Subordinate) pre exam 2010 held on 8th January 2012, Mistakes in the official answer keys

UKPSC Haridwar has declared the official answer keys of the various optional subjects of Uttarakhand PCS pre exam 2010 held on 8 January, 2012.

Answer keys of SET A, B, C and D of General Studies and the other subjects like Agriculture, Botany, History, Geography, Public Administration, Chemistry, Zoology, Commerce, Economics, Political Science, Statistics, Maths, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Physics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Law, Geology, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Computer Sciences and Forestry and Environment are there in the link below.
Click here to check or download the official answer key of the various subjects

Again there are mistakes in the official answer keys. We will discuss them later. So please visit again for more update.
If you find errors in the answer sheets of the UKPCS pre exam please share with us through comments below.
You can write to the UKPSC about the wrong answers or any doubts in the answers from 17th Feb to 2nd March 2012.
We are giving you an example how to write letter or application regarding this in new article. Click here to know about How to report answers key mistakes in UKPSC exams

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Joint entrance exam polytechnic 2012, admissions in the polytechnic colleges of Uttarakhand for 2012-13

New- Polytechnic admission: JEEP 2013

Uttarakhand Board of Technical education, Roorkee (UBTER) is going to conduct the JEEP-2012 from 27th to 29th of May,2012 for admissions in polytechnic colleges of Uttarakhand in the under mentioned courses-
1-Diploma in engineering (group-E)
2- Hotel Management and catering Technology (group-H)
3- Pharmacy (group-p)
4- Textile Design, Garment Technology, Fashion design (group-T)
5- PG diploma in computer applications (group-G)
6- Modern Office Management and Secretarial Practice (group-M)
7- Lateral Entry into the 2nd year of the Engineering courses (group-A)

Polytechnic Colleges in Uttarakhand:
41 Government colleges
70 private Colleges

Total seats: 11759

Date of Exam:
Group E/P- 27th May
Group H/M- 28th May
Group G/T/A 29th May

Entrance Exam form fees: 450 (General/OBC) and 250 (SC/ST)

Availability of the application forms: 1st Feb to 31st of March, 2012 from the UBTER office or from the Polytechnic institutions
Last date of submission: 31st March 2012 at UBTER office or at the Polytechnic institutions.

Polytechnic admission: JEEP 2013

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