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Latest news on LT waiting list and LT recruitment process 2010-11 in Uttarakhand

New-LT exam-2010 waiting list and joining 2013

Update (2nd October 2012) – LT waiting list for the recruitment 2010-11 is out please click here to read the latest news

New update (7th May, 2012) – There are some unconfirmed the government is in no mood to extend any more the extra time period given to the candidates for joining and so  waiting list (for 200 + candidates) is being finalized. However there is no mention of 25% increase in the post as of yet.

New update (9th April, 2012) – There are some unconfirmed that again one month time is being given to the candidates who haven’t joined till now.
And perhaps the waiting list is available with the directorate but it is not public yet.

Well it is not understandable why government is hell bend to be lenient with those candidates when they had been given enough time to join and reports had even confirmed that their appointments are going to be cancelled (may be rightly so).

Update (2nd April, 2012) - LT waiting list (around 400+) has not been declared yet. Education Directorate office at Dehradun has sought the list from UBTER. Check again later for any new and detailed information.

Correction- as said earlier that Education Minister could have been Mr. Durgpal Singh but after lots of politics finally the Mr. Mantri Prasad Naithani has been appointed as the new Education Minister of our state. And he is vowing to keep everyone happy. Let’s see how he can do that.

However educated trained peoples are their subordinate or under the authority of ministers to assist and implement the plans and it all depend upon the intentions and the working style of the minister. Let us see if he can do justice with the post and the unemployed youths of the state.

Party politics that is going on in our state is not good for anyone. Common person has nothing to do with their internal agendas. But unfortunately that is affecting the common man.
Anyway news is that the deadline of the 2nd March 2012 for joining of the LT grade teachers appointed after the LT recruitment exam 2010 is over. And the still around 400 candidates haven’t joined. If you are interested in reading the whole matter you can visit the previous article on LT waiting list 2012

In Garhwal region 264 (129 direct recruitments) LT teachers out of 1158 didn’t join.
In Kumaun mandal more than 150 (100 direct recruitments) LT teachers out of 800 didn’t join.
So perhaps their appointment would be cancelled and new appointments will be done through the waiting list that will be provided by the Uttarakhand board of technical education Roorkee (UBTER).
Mr. C.S. Gwal has said that now after getting the Mandal-wise list of the candidates who didn’t join, Education Department has sought the District-wise list of the vacant post of the LT teachers.

Well that may be some good development. But there is no words regarding the increase in the number of post in the waiting list as was being said earlier.
Hope few of you would meet this new minister and put this point before it is too late.

Please visit again for the information regarding the latest development on this issue.
And post any comment or idea under this new article regarding LT waiting issue.

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Recruitment of Lecturers (grade-II) in the Government polytechnic colleges by Uttarakhand PCS 2012

Uttarakhand Public Service commission Haridwar is inviting application from the eligible candidates to fill up the post of Teachers or lecturers in the Polytechnic colleges of Uttarakhand.

Name of the Posts
Total number of posts

Lecturer Mechanical
Lecturer Electronics
Lecturer Electrical
Lecturer IT
Lecturer Civil
Lecturer Automobile
Lecturer Chemical
Lecturer Interior designer and Decoration
Lecturer Physics
Lecturer Chemistry
Lecturer Math
Lecturer English
Laboratory In charge

Minimum Qualification: Post graduation with 55% in the concerned subject with B.Ed. for the post number 10 to 13. For rest of the posts please look into the advertisement.

Pay scale: 15000-39100 grade pay 5400

Age Limit: 21-40 years as on 1st July 2012. Relaxation is applicable to various categories.

Process of Selection: Screening test with negative marking can be organized depending upon the number of application form.

How to apply: Get the Performa of the application form typed in the full size paper.
Send photocopies of all the documents along with the filled application form. Also send two self addressed envelops with the form.

Application fees: Rs. 130 (general/OBC/DFF) and Rs. 90 (Others) paid through Nationalized Bank Demand Draft or Postal orders  in favor of “Secretary, UKPSC, Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar 249404”

Last date: 23rd April 2012

Please visit the page again for other info on this topic.

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Jobs of BRC and CRP under SSA by UPNL 2012

2-Walk-in-interviews for Contractual teachers (PRT, TGT, and PGT), computer instructors, and coach’s etc jobs in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) of Uttarakhand for 2012-13

For the other schools vacancies you should check the previous post or part -1

13- KV no.2 Survey of India, Hathibarkala Dehradun (date of interview are 26th and 27th March)

14- KV IIP Mohakampur, Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd March)

15- KV Gopeshwar, Chamoli (date of interview is 27th March)
Contact: 01372-251075

16- KV Ayudh Nirman (Ordnance Factory) Raipur Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd March)

17- KV BHEL, Haridwar (date of interview for PGT and TGT is 30th March and 31st for others) Contact: 01334-231361

18- KV Mussorie (date of interview is 31st March)
Contact: 01372-2632704

19- KV OLF, Raipur Dehradun (date of interview is 10th April for all posts)
Contact: 0135-2788742

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Walk-in-interviews for Contractual teachers (PRT, TGT, and PGT), computer instructors, and coach’s etc jobs in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) of Uttarakhand for 2012-13: process of recruitment and other useful information related to salary, working hours and period of contract.

Kendriya Vidyalaya or Central Schools affiliated to CBSE New Delhi are under the administration of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) a central Government Autonomous body of the ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).
To fulfill the shortage of permanent full time teachers it employs the contractual teacher on temporary basis generally for the tenure of one year or session. And generally the contract period is not extended for another year for the same person.

General Important information related to salary or wages and periods-

Revised contractual scale of PGT in KV- Rs. 260/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of TGT in KV- Rs. 250/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of PRT in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Computer Instructors in KV- Rs. 2/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Coaches of games and sports in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Music, Drawing, Painting in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)

As there are lots of KVs in Uttarakhand and with the new session to be started KVs of different districts have come out with their requirements of the of the various grade vacancies to be filled for the session of 2012-13.

Our endeavor will be to provide you the combined information of the scattered vacancies published in the different newspapers. As most of the schools sites are not working or under constructions or have not been updated.

See these two articles also for answers to some questions regarding salary, workload and eligibility for the KV part time job

1- KV Pauri-
Phone number: 01368-221699

2- Check the various contractual posts in the KV Lansdowne (dates of interview are 26th and 27th March, 2012)

3- KV Joshimath Chamoli (date of interview are 20 and 21 March)

4- KV Rajgarhi Badkot, Uttarakashi (date of interview is 18th March)

4- KV ITBP Gauchar, Chamoli (date of interview is 23rd March)

5- KV Saundkhand via Lumgaon, Tehri Garhwal (date of interview is 19th March)

6- KV ONGC Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd and 24th March)
Contact number: 0135-2754378

7-KV Raiwala (date of interview is 24th March)

8-KV Rishikesh IDPL (date of interview is 24th March)
Contact number: 0135-2453893

9- KV, SSB Srinagar (date of interview is 27th March, 2012)

10- KV Augustyamuni, Rudraprayag (date of interview is 26th and 27th March, 2012)

11- KV FRI, Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd 24th March and 26th March)

12- KV number-1 and 2, Roorkee, (tentative date of interview is 29th March)

And if you want more details you can ask through comments.

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Formation of new government after final Results of the Assembly polls 2012 in Uttarakhand and other states and their implications

At this platform we don’t want to involve ourselves in the analysis of political system. But irony is that we are the part of it even if we deny it. We will praise it or criticize the system but it seems difficult to ignore it out rightly. Am I right?
And when the events turn into spectacular game, it becomes interesting. The real picture of the Uttarakhand Election result came out very late in the evening and it was neck to neck battle. Politics when seen from one angle is number game. BJP got 31 and Congress Party got 32 seats in the end and the suddenly the independents and the BSP became important in the formation of government. Inner calculations started to get the required 36 out of 70 seats for a government. But will such government last for the full five year? It remains to be seen.

Politics is nowadays is more of business of the scrupulous elements. Ask khanduriji and he will tell you that some other tactics are necessary to win in the election rather than clean image and support of the masses. He might have sacrificed himself at the altar of Party politics. That’s Politics!

Poor Mr. Prakash Pant (I have heard of this silent politician with kind of clean image), who was also chosen best MLA.
But the “best among MLAs” lost by more than 10000 votes! Phew. Cost of clean image or something else? Perhaps someone from that territory or constituency will reveal the real picture.

Now talking about the respected Education Minister of Uttarakhand, Statistics will tell you that State Education Minister has never won in Uttarakhand. Take the case of 2002, 2007 and even in 2012.
Perhaps Mr. M.S. Kandari would be regretting the decisions taken for the educated youths in his tenure. But read the comments under the VBTC articles in this website and you will see how relieved peoples are with his ouster.
Or the frequent crocodile tears of Mr. Harak Singh Rawat during the election campaign played the real game?

However if you go by the triumph of the one of the previous CM, he will tell you how to win in the elections in spite of the deeds or misdeeds, allegations etc. and when experts were saying that the BJP government couldn’t have manage this much of seats without Mr. Khanduri, he was telling one newspaper that “had he been the Chief Minister, he would have got 40 seats for the party”. Well after all he was selected by public and that might have raised his confidence. Mistake can happen! And money matters?

And sorry for what happened to the regional party like Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) and the Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha (URM).
Even the postal ballets could not save the TPS Rawat of URM.
Some of the regional parties could not get the minimum 8% share of total votes for their recognition as regional parties.

If Party politics cannot be avoided then Regional parties should have more say in the running of the State, especially if it comprises of the local peoples. What you feel?

Hope the new government will be formed in coming days (most probably of the Congress Party) and the functioning of the government machinery will begin soon.

Public didn’t commit an error in Uttar Pradesh as the result of the crucial poll were as expected. With few words it was good to see people’s power on display in democracy. It is other thing that what the Akhilesh Yadav and company can do in the coming years (seeing the bad events right after the result were declared), but peoples voted for change.

And the second thing is that the drama and tactics being played by the prince of Congress and the others in the coterie got befitting reply. Public is not that fool as was considered by them. Hope they will improve upon themselves for their own future and future of the country (sometime it is deeply regretted why future of country is in the hand of some of those misfits in the top political system of our country).

In Punjab history was created, when after 46 years there would be repeat of the previous government.
Anna Hazare and company which were moving into silence gradually might be feeling confident with the results.
Hope the events going in the state and the country as a whole are for good.

Your comments will be appreciated.

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Jobs of Clerk, Steno, Psychologists, Counselors, Research Associates by UPNL 2012

UPNL is going to recruit Psychologist (1 post), Stenographer (1post), Clerk-cum-Assistant (1post) on contractual basis under the flagship programme of RMSA of the central Government.

There are some more posts to be filled on contractual for the Guidance and counseling bureau under the State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT), Narendra Nagar, Tehri Garhwal.

1- Sandarbh vyakti (counselor) - educational and vocational guidance and counseling (3posts)
2- Sandarbh vyakti (counselor) - naidanik Manovyagyanik (1post)
3- Sandarbh vyakti (counselor) - Special Education (1posts)
Note- Pay scale for those recruitment 1, 2 and 3 by UPNL is fixed at 20000/month

4- Research Associates (13 posts in each districts)
Salary Structure- Rs. 90000/year per person plus T.A. Rs. 6000/year and Rs. 4000/year for other expenses.

Further details can be taken from the phone numbers given in the other related articles.
Visit the page again for other information later.

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Merit List of selected candidates as lab assistant in Government schools under RMSA recruitment by UPNL 2012

Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd (UPNL) has declared the result (declared on 5th of March 2012) of the recruitment of the Lab assistants under Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) of the education department in the various Governments Inter Colleges (GIC), Government High Schools, Government Girls Inter Colleges and Government Senior Secondary Schools of Uttarakhand.

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Job vacancies in Opto Electronics Factory, Raipur Dehradun 2012

Opto Electronics Factory, Dehradun- 248008 under The Government of India Defense Ministry, requires following semi-skilled workers in the pay band of 5200-1800-20200/-

Machinist- 13 posts
Optical worker- 06 posts
Fitter (G) - 02 posts
Fitter (I) - 05 posts
Fitter (L) - 04 posts
Turner- 07 posts
Painter- 05 posts
Electronics- 08 posts
Grinder- 06 posts
Millwright- 04 posts

Age Limit: 18-32 years
Note- there is age relaxation for the various categories

Selection procedure: 100 marks written test based on NCBT trade test. Those who qualify the written test will be called for the trade related Practical test of 100 marks.

Application fees: Rs. 50 in form of postal order/demand draft

Last date: for the completely filled form along with all the necessary documents duly attested by the Gazetted officer must reach within the 21 days from the date of notice in the employment news.

More details can be had from the notice in the “Dainik Jagran” dated March 3, 2012.

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You can ask your related queries through comments and we will try to answer them if possible.

Direct recruitment of Forest Ranger (Van Chetradhikari) by Uttarakhand Public Service Commission 2012

New update- fill the main exam form online here
UKPSC Haridwar has advertised for the preliminary exams for the posts of Forest Rangers in Uttarakhand.

Total number of posts: 60

Age limit: 21 to 35 as on 1st July 2012

Minimum Qualifications: Graduate from any recognized University with at least one of the following subjects; Agriculture, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science/Computer Application, various related disciplines of Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Geology, Math, Physic, Statistics, Veterinary Sciences and other subjects.

Cost of the form: Rs. 220 (for Gen/OBC/Dependents of Uttarakhand movement) and Rs. 130 (for SC/ST/PH)

Where to get the application forms: From the various designated Post Offices of the Uttarakhand.

Process of recruitment: there will be three stage processes that include prelims, mains, and finally the interview.                           

Scheme or pattern of the pre exam: 150 marks and 2 hours objective type Preliminary exam of General Studies (100 marks) and General Aptitude (50 marks).

Scheme or pattern of the Main exam: This will be subjective type paper. More details will be there in the advertisement.

Last date of the form: 3rd April, 2012 through registered Post or by hand

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