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Exam centers roll numbers, list of incomplete forms for the UGC-NET 29th Dec 2013

UGC NET for December 2013 is going to be held on 29th December.
Following are the links of the three coordinating universities containing the roll numbers, exam centers and important instructions for the appearing candidates conduction the exam in Uttarakhand

Click here to check the roll numbers and centers etc.  of Doon University

Click here to check the roll numbers and centers of HNB Garhwal University
Click here to check the list candidates with incomplete application form.

Click here to check the roll numbers and centers of Kumaun University Nainital

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Officially declared answer keys or answersheets of UTET-I and UTET-II held on 12th November 2013

Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education (UBSE) has declared the official answer keys of the Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) - 2013 held on 12th November 2013.

Click here to download the answer keys of UTET-I 2013

Click here to download the answer keys of UTET-II 2013

For any news and latest notices regarding UTET please check this
UTET-2013 news and notices

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3-Answer keys of UTET-2013

Following are the expected answers of the UTET 2013 held 12th November 2013.

Given below are the answers to the set-w of the UTET-II

Social studies

91-Lothal was….
(a) A center for business and dock in Harappa civilization

92- Who wrote panchsidhantika?
(d) Varahmihir

93- Which….Asia and Europe?
(c) Istanbul

94- Which..language…note?

95- Population of Uttarakhand 2011
(c) 10116752

96- What…question hour…
(c) Both of this type

97- Which ..Revenue system..Lord Cornwallis
(a) Ryotwari

98-When it …standard time…England…
(a) or (d)

99- Nainital lake in Skand Puran..
(a) Saptarishi Sarovar

100-The folk song of UK…

101- What was function of Diwan-e-tan…Mughal admin…?

102- The war of Khanwa..
(a) Babar and Rana Sanga

103- Imperial bank…
(d) SBI

104- In..Residential school…ST only
(c ) Kasturba Gandhi…

105- After Samudragupta,…..title…

106- In whose rule..Land revenue calculation…per Biswa.
(a) Allauddin Khilji

107- Characteristic of ideal lesson plan
(d) All of the above

108- Durand Cup
(c) Football

109- Article of RTI 2005….
(a) 6(1)
A person, who desires to obtain any information under this Act, shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area in which the application is being made, accompanying such fee as may be prescribed…..

110- Which …not provided on RTE
(c) Employment Guarantee…

111- Konkani is main language..
(c) Goa

112- Approach paper of NCTE…not in…

113- HQ of WTO
(c) Geneva

114- How much ….first finance commission..

115- What….conducive environment…
(d) All of the above

116- During…social science..not be observed..
(C) or (d)

117- Neeru Meeru programme..
(b) Andhara Pradesh
A water conservation program

118- The country..Cent percent…cities..
(b) Singapore

119- What is the direction …monsoon …?
(b) From north east to south west

120- When day….sunrays..straight…
(b) Equator

121- Sun Temple in Uttarakhand.
(d) Katarmal Almora

122- Standard time meridian of India..
(a) 84 degree 30 min east

123- Brahmaputra…in china
(c ) Sangpo

124- Sardar Sarovar Dam…
(c) Narmada River

125- Back to Vedas….
(c) Dayanand Saraswati

126- The influence..gandhar style…
(c) Roman

127- The Khajuraho temple..Dynasty..
( c) Chandela

128- Iltutmish..Dynasty..

129- The Satyameva Jayete….
(c) Mundak Upnishad

130- Founder of Satyashodhak samaj was
(c) Jyotiba Phule

131- Who among…participate…parliament….without..
(b) Attorney General

132- Under which amendment….socialist and secular…constitution..
(a) 42nd Amendment

133- In which case supreme court….constitution

134- Under which article….president rule…any state.
( c) Article 356

135- Consumer Protection Act..
(c) 1986

136- Not a member of ASEAN
(c ) South Korea

137- Emerging industry in word economy
(c) Information Technology

138-Swarnim Chaturbhuj…
(b) National Highway Project

139- The part of Project work are
(c )

140- What…develop creativity..
(d) Give innovative work…

141- The aim of social Science teacher….
(d) All of the above

142- to ..promote..Socially ignored…
(d) Ask to…

143- The social science teacher should give the students
(d) All of the above….

144- The land surrounded…three sides..sea.
(c ) Peninsula  
Like Indian Peninsula or Korean peninsula

145- Abolition of untouchability ..
(b) Article 17

146- Which…not a MNC?
(c ) Asian Paints

147- ISI mark…
(a) Quality of goods

148- In which…sugarcane..
(a) Brazil or (b) India

149- In which city..1893 Swami Vivekananda…
(b) Chicago

150- The function of Ozone layer..
(d) To stop the UV rays..

For more check these also
Answer keys of UTET-2013
2-Answer keys UTET-2013

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2- Answer keys of UTET-2013

Following are the expected answers of the UTET 2013 held 12th November 2013.

Given below are the answers to the set-Z of the UTET-II

For the section of child development and pedagogy check this


121- Plaster of Paris
(b) CaSO41/2H2O

122- which…gifted students…
( c) To help him in framing new projects

123- Match the ..
Branching program- Norman Crowder
Linear programme- BF skinner
Descending- Gilbert
Supervised- Daisy Marwin

124- In food chain….
(b) primary consumer

125- Which one……waste..
(c ) It …recycling center

126- Electronic config….
(c) d block 4th Period

127- The audible range…
(d) 20 to 20000

128- When computer…
(b) input process output

129- Clotting……
(d) Platelets

130- Soluble vitamin…
(a) B and C
131- Clear sky…
(b) scattering

132- Edible part of pomegranate is

133- Eurotropene…
(c ) Formaldehyde

134- Photoelectric cell is a….
(b) Light … electrical

135- What…sequence..
(a) Troposphere…..

136- In the …..
(a) Increases

137- Select the incorrect…
(c ) Polio…

138- The refractive….
(c) Water

139- Choose the …..

140- Tsunami ….
(a) High wave due to earthquake

141- A cyclist….
(a) Pi r

142- A body having…
(d) Zero

143- The number of electron…
(d) 1

144- You can log on….
(a) FTP

145- Collection of data…
(d) Data base

146- The correct order of Scientific method..
(d) Problem….conclusion

147- By education….spirit.
(b) M Gandhi

148- Electronic config..
(b) 2,8

149- When Cu heated….
(d) Hydrogen gas H2

150- When a salt….
(a) Metal carbonate

Click here for part-1

Your comments are welcome. And you can suggest any change in the above answer with logical proof.

Please visit again for more answers.

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Answer keys of UTET-2013

New- Check this to download the official answer keys of UTET-2013

Following are the expected answers of the UTET 2013 held 12th November 2013.

Given below are the answers to the set-Z of the UTET-II

Child development and pedagogy

1- How….seating arrangement?
(a) It should be according to the activities being conducted in the classroom.

2- Interpersonal intelligence
(c) Skill to understand different people
(d) Skill to communicate with other

Hint- check Gardner multiple intelligence theory

3- Role of teacher
(c) Friend or (b) facilitator

4- In your class……
(d) Take help of fast learner…

5- In view of teaching learning process a good teacher is who
(d) Thinks that talking can be used as learning resources

6- Children…..right to education …

7- Match the following
Unifactor- Binet
Multifactor theory- Thorndike
Group factor- Thurstone
Three dimensional- Guilford

8- If a child…… do?
(c) Try to find out the reason…

9- Continuous and comprehensive…..means
(b) To assess scholastic and co-scholastic areas regularly..

10- What is not……child centered education?
(a) Assigning Homework

11- Project method
( c ) Kilpatrick

12- Three ….evaluation..
(a) Learning…..

13- The classroom …..
(d) Friendly

14- Hardware approach is based on..
(d) Instruction

15- What type of…
(a) Adjustment with physical and mental changes

16- What type of question…..
(b) Objective and subjective

17- There are…..creates

18- While…..disinterest..
(d) Try to find out the reason

19- Achievement Quotient

20- At the upper …..Action research
(a) Develop ability …..Skill of improvement

21- Hunger and thirst are
(b) Innate motive

22- Classroom communication…
(b) or (d)

23- If a child…
(d) Talk to…

24- Which approach….context?
(b) Constructivist

25- What is…lacking…teacher..?

26- The gifted child…
(a) Terman and Oden

27- During… them
(b) Continuously….

28- If there is learning disabled…….
(b) Try to find….

29- Which statement …NCF 2005..?

30-For the language development….
(d) all of the above

 Your comments are welcome. And you can suggest any change in the above answer with logical proof.

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Nodal centers/offices for UTET-2013

Following are the list of nodal centers of different districts for the UTET-I 2013 and UTET-II 2013 as per the notice by Uttarakhand Board of Secondary Education.

Kumaun Region

SDS Government Inter College (GIC) Pithoragarh
GIC Berinag Pithoragarh
GIC Champawat
GIC Tanakpur Champawat
GIC girl Almora
Mission Inter College Ranikhet Almora
GIC Bageshwar
GIC Nainital
MG Inter College Haldwani
Janta Inter College Rudrapur
GIC girl US Nagar

Garhwal Region

Municipal Inter College Jwalapur
GIC Roorkee
SGRR Nehrugram Dehradun
GIC girl Rajpur Road Dehradun
Shri Bharat Mandir Rishikesh
GIC Uttarkashi
GIC Pratap Bauradi New Tehri
GIC Narendra Nagar Tehri
GIC Pauri Pauri Garhwal
GIC Srinagar Pauri Garhwal
GIC Kotdwar Pauri Garhwal
GIC Gopeshwar Chamoli
GIC Gouchar Chamoli
GIC Rudraprayag

Change of centers:

SBM Belni Rudraprayag changed to DIET Ratura Rudraprayag
GIC Tilaknagar Rudraprayag changed to SGRR Tilani Rudraprayag

Your comments are welcome

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Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun - Group-c or Samuh-g recruitment October 2013

IMA Dehradun is inviting application for the following posts in the pay scale of 5200-20200. (Group-c)

1.      Draughtsman 01 post
2.      Lower Division Clerk 03 posts
3.      Stenographer grade II 01 post
4.      MT driver 11 posts
5.      Special cook 03 posts
6.      safaiwala 01 post
7.      waiter 01 post
8.      GC orderly 01 post
9.      Grounds man 01post
10.  Messenger- 01 post
11.  Barber 01 post
12.  Groom 01 post.

Age limit: 18-25 years

Age limit: 18-27 years for post number 1, 4 and 8
Note- Age relaxation is there for different categories.

Fees: INR 50 for general category paid through crossed postal order in favor of commandant IMA. No fees for other categories.

Last date: 01 December 2013.

Process of selection: Candidates would be called for the written test of 150 marks of 2 hours duration.

Syllabus and pattern of exam: as mentioned in the advertisement.

To see the application format, syllabus of the exam and get the other details of the advertisement please click here

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Sri Dev Suman University Back paper dates and schedule 2013

Sri Dev Suman University Badshahithol Tehri Garhwal is now going to conduct the Back paper or improvement papers for various subjects.
According to the reports the newly formed State University after successfully conducting the private exam 2013for MA/MCom/BA/BCom will give the chance for improvement in back papers. Students can also go for the scrutiny of their answer sheets if one feel that his/her marks could have been more.

The date of the back paper exam is 27th November 2013.
The dates of various back paper exam will be published in due time so keep in touch for any update on this topic.
You can check the result of the private exams in the
Sri Dev Suman University Private exam result 2013

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Recruitments of faculty/staff in Uttarakhand Academy of Administration Nainital 2013

Disaster Management Cell of Uttarakhand Academy of Administration is inviting application on contract/deputation till March 2015 (may continue further) for the following positions.

One Professor (Ph.D. in subjects like Geography/Geology/Civil Eng./Chemical Eng./Env. Science/Climatology/Earthquake Eng.  and 10 years experience etc.)

One Assistant Professor (Post graduate and PhD or NET/SET in above subjects etc.)

One Assistant Professor for Remote Sensing and GIS (Degree in RS and GIS and PhD or NET/SET  plus Three years experience etc.)

One Technical Assistant (Graduate plus recognized computer Diploma)

Age limit: 35 and above for Professor, 30 and above for Asst. professor and 25 year and above for Tech. Asst.

Last date: Send your resume and other documents latest by 15th November 2013 to

“Joint Director, Uttarakhand Academy of Administration, Ardwell Camp, Mallital, Nainital 263000”

For detail please check the Amar Ujala dated 19th October 2013

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UGC NET December 2013 notification and other information

UGC has come out with the notification for the National Eligibility Test (NET) on 29th of December 2013.

Last date of the online filling of application and generating challan: 30th October 2013

Last date of fee submission: 2nd November 2013

Last date of taking printout of the application form, attendance slip and admit card: 5th November 2013

Last date for receiving the printout of online Application Form (one copy) and attendance Slip (one copy) at the respective Coordinating University opted by the candidate (with fee receipt & category certificate(s) ):9th November 2013

Fees: 450 (Gen), 225 (OBC), 110 (SC, ST, PWD)

Please check this for more information and/or applying online.

Note- you have to send following things to the concerned university:
1- One copy of application form
2- One copy of attendance sheet
3- One challan copy
4- Caste certificate (if any)
5- Age proof (if you are claiming it)

Center of exam, Seating arrangement and other details will be published late on.

Please visit again for any update regarding this.

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CTET February 2014: important information and new method to fill the form of CTET 2014

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Delhi is gong to conduct
CTET for 16th February 2014 as a minimum requirement for teachers of class 1-V (CTET paper-1) and VI to VIII (CTET paper-2)
Submission of Online application: 11.10.2013 to 31.10.2013
Last date for receipt of Confirmation Page in CBSE: 07.11.2013 (15th November for far flung areas)
Take the print out after filling the form online and then send it to CBSE office along with the challan form if fee paid through challan.

Fees: can be paid through syndicate bank challan, post office transfer or through Debit/credit card
500/- for paper-I or paper-II and 800/- for both papers (for general category)
250/- for paper-I or paper-II and 400/- for both papers (for others category)

Note- you need to have your photo and signature scanned and uploaded in the computer before you begin the filling of the form.

New method and process or facility to fill up the CTET form:
If you have any problem filling the form or don’t know how to use the internet or computer then You can visit the designated facilitation centers and fill the online form there without paying any fees.
These are 6 centers for filling online application of CTET in Uttarakhand
Please check the list of centers in the advertisement of CTET February 2014

For more details on previous year question papers of CTET, eligibility, addresses etc. and apply online please click here.

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Recruitment of Scientist, Steno, Clerk, Assistant in Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun 2013

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun is inviting application for some of the following posts:
Scientist ‘D’, ‘B’ and ‘C’
Stenographer grade II
Senior personal Assistant
Section cutter
Lower Division Clerk
Field Assistant

Last date: 29th November 2013

Click here to see the details of essential qualifications, number of posts and download the form

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M.Ed. Admission 2013: Kumaun University, Nainital

Kumaun University, Nainital is going to conduct entrance exam for the admission in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) course of the University for the session 2013-14.

ENTRANCE EXAM DATE: - 20th October, 2013.

FORM FEES: - Rupees 640

FORMS AVAILABILITY: - From main post offices of Pithoragarh, Almora, Nainital and Haldwani from 10th September 2013

MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: B.Ed. with 55% marks.

LAST DATE FOR SUBMITTING FORM AT “Registrar office Kumaun University Nainital”: - 26th September 2013

PATTERN OF THE ENTRANCE EXAM: - prepare from the four papers you have studied at B.Ed. level. Any competitive M.Ed. entrance exam book for the can also be helpful.

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M.Ed. Admission 2013-14: HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

Garhwal University, Srinagar is going to conduct entrance exam for the admission in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) course of the University running in the Birla Campus and other Private institutions for the session 2013-14.

ENTRANCE EXAM DATE: - 20th October, 2013.

COURSE FEE: - 60000 (approx.) from the private institutions.

FORM FEES: - For General (GEN) and Other Backward Caste (O.B.C) - Rupees 600 (650 by post)
For Schedule Caste (SC) and Schedule Tribe (ST) - Rupees 300 (350 by post)

FORMS AVAILABILITY: - From University Offices at Srinagar and Bindal Pul Dehradun from 9th September 2013 to 30th September 2013.
You can also download the form and send Bank draft with that.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: B.Ed. with 55% marks. For reserved categories it is 50%.

LAST DATE FOR SUBMITTING FORM AT UNIVERSITY OFFICE: - 30th September 2013 (Along with the photocopy of necessary documents).

PATTERN OF THE ENTRANCE EXAM: - prepare from the four papers you have studied at B.Ed. level. Any competitive M.Ed. entrance exam book can also be helpful.

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Result of the ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing and MSc Nursing and Post Basic Nursing entrance exam 2013

Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology has declared the result of the ANM and GNM Entrance exam 2013 held on 11th of August 2013

And result of the BSc, MSc and Post Basic nursing course admission entrance exam held on 10th August 2013 has also been declared

Click here to check the results of the above entrance exams.

For counseling and other issues please visit again.

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Download Admit Card of UTET- 2013 and dates of UTET-2013

According to the notice of UBSE following is the schedule of the much awaited Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) 2013 in Uttarkhand.

Date and time of UTET-I 2013
8th September 2013, 10-12:30 pm
12th November 2013 Tuesday, 10-12:30 pm

Date of UTET-II 2013
8th September 2013, 2-4:30 pm
12th November 2013 Tuesday, 2-04:30 pm

As both UTET-I and II are postponed keep in touch for new dates of UTET-2013
Click here to read the latest happenings regarding the UTET-2013

Click here to download the provisional admit card for UTET-2013 either by entering your name or your application number.

Carry any one Identity Card (Voter card, Driving License etc.) on the day of exam along with the admit card.

IF you have applied for the both UTET-I and II then your exam center should be same.
If that is not so then contact Board office at Ramnagar Nainital.

If you don’t get the admit card by 9th November 2013 through website or post then visit the nodal centers nearby you on 10th and 11th November 2013.
Submit two Passport size photo, photocopy of OMR form, receipt of registry or speed post to get your admit card of UTET-I and UTET-II.

Around 12 centers of Dehradun that had been changed as per the notice of 3rd September 2013 by UBSE. But now they will again be the centers and candidates will have to appear for the exam in those centers as mentioned in their admit cards.

Click here to see the nodal centers of UTET-2013

For important information and news related to UTET-2013

Your comments are welcome

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Latest news on RMSA and SSA vacancies in Uttarakhand 2013: when and where the vacancies have appeared?

So you may have seen some ad and news related to RMSA or SSA in the newspapers and we could see peoples flocking to the earlier posts or articles that have description of the previous advertisements and news on Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhhiyan (RMSA) and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) on our website

But as far as appointments in the both the schemes are concerned there is nothing so far!
Having said that one caution is that - like in the earlier instance the vacancies of the RMSA were being filled from back door without proper advertisements in the newspapers, so that can happen this time also. So you will have to be aware of this.

Newspapers have said that vacancies are likely to be filled in this month of August.
But so far we could see only the ads or tenders (which most of the peoples wrongly took as the ad for placements in the RMSA or SSA) for the outsourcing agencies (the firm which is going to fill the vacancies in those schemes of the central government for the improvement of the standard of the education).

However to be on a safer side you can check with your District Education Office (DEO).
DEO (Madhyamik) will be looking after the case of RMSA and DEO (Basic) will be the authority for the SSA.
These vacancies or the temporary jobs of teachers, Lab technicians, CRC, BRC etc. in the state government schools will perhaps appear separately and district wise.

So be in touch and we will inform you as far as we can know.

If someone of you have visited those offices or have any other information regarding these RMSA and SSA jobs in Uttarakhand please post your comment for all.

Your comments are welcome.

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Result of the private exam 2013 of Sri Dev Suman University Badshahithol Tehri Garhwal

Sri Dev Suman University Badshahithol Tehri Garhwal has started declaring the results of the private exams of various subjects held in May, June 2013.

For the result of the MCom first year 2013

For the result of the BCom first year 2013

For the result of the Sociology first year 2013

For the result of the English first year 2013

For the result of the History first year 2013

For the result of the Math first year 2013

For the result of the Philosophy first year 2013

For the result of the Economics first year 2013

Click here to see the other latest and updated results

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Recruitment of 3742 teachers in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) 2013-14

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) is inviting application from the eligible candidates for the post of PGT, TGT, Librarian, primary teachers, PRT and other posts.

Eligibility- 50% marks in the concerned subject
For TGT in the concerned subjects and primary teacher, CTET need to be cleared.

Age limit- 40 years for PGT and 35 for others

Selection procedure- written test and interview

Last date of online registration- 28th August 2013

Fees- 750/- plus 30/- paid through Indian Bank challan or debit/credit/master card
Last Date for receipt of print out of completed application, along with prescribed KVS bank challan where applicable and self attested copies of testimonials at "Post Box No. 3076, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003" is 12th September 2013.

Click here for the details of the post in various subjects and the advertisement

Click here to apply online

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Recruitment of clerk, management trainee and credit officer in Nainital bank 2013

Nainital Bank is inviting application for the following posts:

Age limit: 18-27 years as on 30.06.2013
Educational qualification: Graduation/Post Graduation with minimum 45% mark

Credit officer in Grade-I/scale-I
Age limit: 21-30 years as on 30.06.2013
Educational qualification:  CA (intermediate exam), CFA, MBA (finance)

Management Trainees
Age limit: 18-27 years as on 30.06.2013
Educational qualification: Graduation/Post Graduation with minimum 55% mark

Application fees: DD of Rs 600/- for Gen and Rs 300/- for other categories

Selection process: Online written test followed by interview (test will be in English only)

Last date: 20th July 2013

Click here to download the forms and read the details for each post.

Visit again for the exam dates or schedules of the interviews

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Answer keys of the Pashudhan Prasar Adhikari exam 2013

For the direct recruitment of the Pashudhan Prasar Adhikari in Pashupalan Vibhag of Uttarakhand, the competitive exam held on 9th June 2013.

The answer keys have been declared as follow.

Click here to see the answer sheet/key of the Booklet number 1111

Click here to see the answer sheet/key of the Booklet number 2222

Click here to see the answer sheet/key of the Booklet number 3333

Click here to see the answer sheet/key of the Booklet number 4444

Come again for the result and other information later.

For the advertisement and other details please check

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Admission in Under Graduate/Diploma/Certificate courses of Garhwal University 2013-14

Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal (Uttarakhand) 246174 is inviting application from the candidates for the admission in its following UG/Diploma/Certificate courses for the session 2013-14

Undergraduate courses: B.A., B.Sc. (Math & Bio Group), B.Com., B.A. Hon. (Mass Com.), B.Sc. (Horticulture/Forestry)

Diploma courses: Folk Music/Folk Dance, Thesis Writing, PG. Diploma in Woman Studies/Human Right & Value Education.

Certificate course: Spoken English

The University follows a semester system and details of the exam, courses, and important dates of semesters are given in the prospectus.

Click here to download the prospectus in Hindi and English

How to get the application form:
From DSW Office, HNBGU Srinagar Garhwal-246174 or Director Pauri Campus/Tehri Campus on cash payment of Rs.50/- or by sending DD/of Rs. 50/- in favour of DSW, HNBGU Srinagar Garhwal along with a self addressed envelop (30x25cm) bearing stamp of Rs. 75/-
Application forms can also be downloaded from University website and can be sent along with the DD of Rs. 50/- to DSW, HNBGU Srinagar Garhwal/Director Pauri/Director Tehri Campus as the case may be.

Click here to download the application form for admission 2013-14

Availability of application form: from 1st July 2013

Last date of form submission: 31st July 2013

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UGC NET 30th June 2013: exam centers, Roll number, admit card, important instructions and list of incomplete application forms for the state of Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand there are three universities who are coordinating the UGC NET JRF and Lectureship exam June 2013.

1- Doon University, Motharawala Dehradun and
2- Kumaun University, Nainital
3- HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

Click here to see the Roll number wise exam centers and important information of the Doon University

Click here to see the subject wise roll numbers and List of centers of Kumaun University.

Click here to see the roll numbers and seating plan of HNB Garhwal University and click here to see the list of incomplete forms

Those who have not got the admit card or send it to the concerned University must download it and bring that to the center for exam.

Click here to download it from the UGC site by entering your email and the code you have received at the time of filling the application.

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government Jobs in Uttarakhand (58) Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) (36) Group-c recruitment (32) teaching jobs (32) Admissions (31) B.Ed. 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