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Walk in interviews for the contractual vacancies in “Uttarakhand Mahila Samakhya” project 2012

Uttarakhand Mahila Samakhya is a state government project work that work for the woman education and woman empowerment

It is already functional in the districts of Tehri, US Nagar, Nainital, Pauri, Uttarkashi and Champawat. Now it is planning to expand in the region of Haridwar.
For their office administration they require only woman candidates in the following designations on contractual basis.

Office Assistant
Data entry operator
Resource persons
Junior resource persons

For details please see these

If you are having difficulty in viewing It properly then check this and see the enlarged image on your computer.

Some new posts have been added to this. Click here to see the other posts.
Full time consultant
District project coordinator

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1147 Regular BTC and 1300 siksha mitra appointments/recruitment as primary teachers 2012 and the latest news, why there should be exemption from TET?

So we thought that at least these 1300 siksha mitra and  1147 regular BTC candidates (Vishist BTC is different from regular BTC to know more read the earlier information in this site) will get appointment smoothly and there may not be too much or problems or hurdles. That is why we had not taken this issue earlier. But it seems nothing can move straightly nowadays.

Let us remind you that around 1000+ vacant post of primary teachers post are to be filled through the candidates who have undergone BTC training in the DIETs of the state. Some posts are to be filled by the siksha mitras in the state.

VBTC process is almost complete and most of the districts have done their counseling and allotment of the schools (read the previous related articles).

We have seen that DIET of  some districts (Haridwar, Dehradun, Bageshwar etc.) have also advertised for the post vacant in their districts for the candidates who have completed the 2 year BTC training.
But now the process is moving in court not in the actual ground.

Government has passed an order to exempt the regular BTC candidates from TET or CTET. Why they did so is not clear. It was pressure from the few regular BTC persons who have good approach in the higher echelons. Perhaps they were also instrumental in unsuccessfully stalling the process of VBTC for sometime.

Around 1300 Siksha Mitra who have undergone training with the regular BTC are also demanding that they should be exempted from TET for appointment as primary teachers.

So the Nainital High Court has now stalled the process until there is some compromising solution. However those regular BTC candidates who have qualified TET are safe.

And come again for any substantial information on this issue. And please add information to above if you can through comments.

Well it is a different and obvious debatable question why they all should be free from the basic teacher test like UTET or CTET to prove their efficiency and almost same knowledge which they will going to impart to the children?
When B.Ed trained should qualify it, then why not BTC or whoever they are should prove themselves?

Well it is not very difficult to find answer to this ‘why’.

Read this post why you need to pass these exam and find the answer to ‘why’.
Demand for the exemption from TET: valid or not?

Perhaps one can argue with credibility or TET or its format or pass percent or its necessity altogether in different respects but taking it as it is then, in fact, if one cannot pass TET can he/she is justified as teacher and will he/she be able to do justice with the profession?

It is necessary for a rational evaluation there must be proper views from other angles too so your views are welcome.

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UTET-2 or Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test or TET-2 in Uttarakhand or second phase of the TET

New update- Click here to see the official notification of the UTET-2013 and other information

Government policy maker are now planning to conduct Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test-2 or UTET-II. The decision regarding the Teacher Eligibility Test-2 (TET-2) or the second phase of the TET in Uttarakhand is gong to be taken today by the education secretary Manisha Panwar in meeting with the other officers or the department.

That all exercise pertaining to the second phase or phase-2 of the TET is to fulfill the requirement of the NCTE rule (23rd August 2010) the top governing body regarding teacher education in India.

Well they may not decide whether what will happen to the UTET-1 candidates who could not make it to the VBTC. They may not decide on increasing the seats or vishist BTC seats. They will not decide on the clauses of the RTE.They may not decide on the solid plans to improve the conditions of the schools in the state.
Moreover it is not clear whether there will be posts or vacancies for recruitment after that UTET-2.
Hope they may be thinking on these issues apart from eating, drinking and amusement in that so called meeting of the high profiles of the state education department.

But it is sure that they will just increase the number of certificate holders eligible for teachership by burning another hole in your pocket. Be prepared for that. And then fret for the vacancies to be filled on that basis. As with that regard there is no serious talk in the air.

Rules are for us or we are for the rules?? You decide.

It is said the TET-II will be conducted as the minimum requirement for eligible teachers for class 6-8 or VI-VIII. UTET-1 had already been conducted for the primary teacher (1-5) eligibility.
You can read about the issues of UTET-1 or VBTC in the previous posts and their valuable comments in this website.

And if you have information regarding what these ladies and gentlemen have decided in actual, please let us know apart from what they will release in the press.

New- UTET-2013: UTET-I and UTET-II notification
Anyway your comments are welcome and visit again for anything that you want to know about this issue.

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Uttarakhand Government Unemployment Allowance or “Uttarakhand Sikshit Berojgar awam Sah Kaushal Yojana”: application form, eligibility criteria and other important information, download the application form and other related forms

New update- some conditions have been modified for the minimum eligibility please read the new update below.

As we have earlier discussed this issue. Government is planning to give unemployment allowance to the educated unemployed youth of the state of Uttarakhand from 9th November, 2012.

Scheme of the “Uttarakhand Sikshit Berojgar awam Sah Kaushal Yojana” to the trained and educated peoples will be applicable for age group of 25- 35 years only

Minimum eligibility and their allowance for the Berojgari Bhatta in Uttarakhand:

12th pass- Rs 500
Graduates (BA, BSc etc.)- Rs 750
Post graduates (MA MSc etc)- 1000               

Other criteria or conditions for the eligible candidates:

1- Only those candidates who are permanent residents of Uttarakhand before the date of formation of Uttarakhand can only apply.
Or you must have permanent residence certificate or domicile of Uttarakhand for that.

2- Not for Tenth Pass. Only intermediate and above can apply for the Bhatta.

3- Annual income of the candidate’s family should not be more than Rs 150000 ( approx. 12500/month)

4- Registration in the employment exchange (including renewal) should complete 4 year on 9th November, 2012. It means that only candidates who have registered before 9th November 2008 are eligible and even if you have renewed the registration after that date make you not eligible for the small allowance.

5- Only one candidates of a family was eligible for the allowance

Update: New criteria added as on 3rd January, 2013-

1- Annual income limit extended to 250000/-
2- No age bar.
3- Minimum qualification criteria scrapped.

Click here to see the official detail regarding the criteria and other information and download the form for the unemployment allowance in Uttarakhand.

Document to be attached with the application form:

1- Photocopy of the X-10 certificate of registration in the employment exchange
2- Affidavit (as given in the application form)
3- Photocopy of Domicile certificate
4- Photocopy of any proof of current residence (e.g. electricity bill etc.)
5- Caste certificate
5- Family income certificate
6- Photocopy of Tenth and 12th  Mark sheets and certificate
As you can see that most of these condition are only to exclude the most from the list of beneficiaries read on
Unemployment allowance scheme for the Uttarakhand youth: The reality

Please visit again for the detailed information.
Your comments are welcome.

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Answer keys: Village Development Officer (VDO) or Gram Panchayat Adhikari exam 2012 in Uttarakhand

Update- Click here to check the official answer keys of the VDO exam 2012 (as on 14th February, 2013)

Following are the probable answers of the Village Development Officer (VDO) or Gram Panchayat Adhikari exam held on 21st October 2012.

These are provided by one of our visitor Mr. Hardeep as comment. Thanks to him

We have just made slight changes here and there. Well, language and grammar may not be appropriate (as most of the matter is in Hindi) but it should not matter when you can have slight idea of the answer.

You are encouraged to make necessary changes if necessary in the comments below.

1 asur-yaksh
2. alpagya- sarwagya
3ekadhikar- sarwadhikar
4.teen ber khati- yamak
5. jati na pucho- kabeer
6 dinkar-veer ras
7 hindi padya ka janmdata- harishchandra
8chhayawaad- jayshankar prasad
9 panchayati raj- gram panchayat star pe
10 pranab mukherji- 13th
11 gaddafi- 20 oct
12 percntage of population 0.84
13literacy rate 79.63
14 panchayati raaj apnaya gya- satta k vikendrikaran ko
15 majdoor day (Labor day)-1 may
16 uttarakhnd sthapna diwas- 9th Nov.
17 abhigyan sakuntlam- kalidas
18 aaine akbari- abul fajal
19 gyan peeth puraskaar- sumitra nandan pant
20 chandi prasad bhatt- Raman Magsaysay
21 Number of padm vibhushan in 2012- 5
22 london olympic- usa
23 WHO- Genewa
24 uttarakhnd shodh sansthan- giriraj shah
25computer per blink- cursor
26 ms dos -system software
27 a ka mama p hai
28mohan a se b tak 2 km- 2km
29 ek bandar- 21
30 chor judge apradhi- option second
31 kathak nritya- uttar pradesh
32 bhotiya- uttarakhnd
33 rashtriya granth- geeta
34 kafal pako- Chandra Kuwar Barthwal
35 mandiro ki nagri- dwarahat
36 Kedarnath- Rudraprayag
37 gaddi- hp
38 kumaon keshari- pandey
39 nagrikta- upyukt sabhi
40 molik adhikar nhi hai- sampati
41 rastriya mithai- jalebi
42 high court-21
43 mantri mandal- lok sabha
44 rajya sabha -250
45 vidhan parishad- 6
46 73 samvidhan sansodhan- panchyat raj ki sthapna
47 panchayat ki shakti- 11 anushuchi
48 352- 3 baar emergency
49 grah- jupiter
50 kis tithi ko- 4july
51 maharatna-5
52 bharat ka peris- jaipur
53 hathiyo ka desh- laos
54 karbet park- nainital
55 bhkhda bandh- satluj
56 west- narmda
57 chawal-west bengal
58 kharif fasal- sabhi
59 gandhi sagar- madhya prdesh raj
60 dudhwa park-up
61 prayawarn day-5 June
62 chini mill-10
63 sikandar (Alexander)-326 BC
64 Shivaji-1657 AD
65 prachin granth- rigved
66 Muslim League- dec 1906
67 Governor General- Mount Baton
68 purn bhajya-900
69 50 75 se vibhajit-25
70 ek meenar- 10 mtr
71 6 ladko 4 ldkiyo- 209
72 dhanrashi-2760
73 24 minut-12
74 x aksh-00
75 tribhuj-180
76 x +1/x - 4
77 Universal Dnor- O group
78 Deficiency of Vitamin C- Scurvy
79 mungfali........
80 suksh tatwa- Magnesium
81 shashan- hyponthemus
82 dynamo- yantrik urja ko vidyut urja me
83 vidyut dhara- amiter
84 halka tatva- Li
85 Enzyme- protein.
86 usma kis prakriya me- vikiran
87 panchayati raj ka uddeshya- logo ko vikas moolak prashasan me bhagidar
88 swarn jayanti- 1 april 1999
89 naak per supari- bahut pareshan krna
90 gular ka fool- kabhi kabhi dikhaye dena
91 patthar ki lakir- amit hona
92 ashirwad- 4th option
94 dayanand- deergh
95 satyagrah- 4th option
96 pariksha- tatsam
97 tatbhaw- muh
98 jitendriya- bahubrihi
99 dwigu samas- saptah
100 dinkar- prabhakar

Disclaimer- Please remember that we have just quoted it from our visitor so we do not claim any accuracy of the above matter.

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Contractual Yoga teachers, Music teacher, Art teacher, CRC, BRC, Anudeshak, Accountants, and other recruitment in Uttarakhand 2012-13, BPEd and Teacher Eligibility Test

Government of Uttarakhand is going to recruit around 1000+ (some newspaper say it around 300+) Physical training instructors (PTI) or physical education teachers, Block Resource Persons, Cluster Resource Persons Yoga instructors or teachers, music teacher, Art teachers, MIS samanvayak and accountants in the various government run schools and education centers.

These vacancies will be filled on contractual basis and through outsourcing.
We could see some news here and there regarding this recruitment in different newspapers recently.

Earlier they were supposed to be filled up by the Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd (UPNL) and some post were to be filled up by the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) or RMSA. But perhaps due to irregularities in the appointment process in the previous government and later on due to Tehri election they were put on hold.
Please click here to check the previous post related to UPNL and such recruitment

Let us remind you that the BPEd and equivalent degree holders have been campaigning for their inclusion in the latest vishist BTC process right from the beginning of the Uttarakhand TET process, perhaps rightfully. But they were not included in the latest recruitment of primary teachers through VBTC process.
So it was a big blow to them.

Let us put it bit simple and logical, that a BPEd, DPEd holder is getting his degree after graduation. Then he is not eligible for teaching at primary level?

And if we are not wrong minimum eligibility for BTC or JBT or any primary teacher training course is intermediate?

Well one will argue that their need to be special training for teaching of small children like BTC or B.Ed,

But the new candidates with B.Ed. degree  in the recruitment of the VBTC will also be trained for 6 months or so then these BPEd degree holder could have been trained in that manner.

Let them undergo TET to test their basic knowledge and then if found eligible, they can be included in the primary teacher recruitment process!

What is your view? Please let us know through comments below.

May be there are also other solid technical reason behind the non inclusion but we just put the matter in the perspective of  many (perhaps 20000 or more) who could have been benefited with slight twist and will power of the government.

But for once and all that all has to be decided by the NCTE and government

And at last, official details are yet to come regarding these vacancies so come again for any such details.

And as usual your comments will be valuable for us and our audience.
Thank you.

Direct recruitment in group B and group C post 2012 through UKPSC, Haridwar

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) Kankhal Haridwar is inviting application for the group B and group C posts (total 14) in various departments as follow:

1- Lecturer Pharmacy
2- Microbiologist
3- Assistant director
4-Senior analyst
5- Junior analyst
6- Scientific assistant

And other posts are also there. Please check the advertisement.

Age limit: 21-40 years (as on 1st July 2012)

Eligibility: as mentioned in the advertisement

Fees: 130 for general/OBC and 90 for SC/ST paid through the Bank draft/postal order.

Last date: 29th November, 2012

For downloading application form and other details:

Check the detail of the advertisement

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Admit card, exam date, exam center, question pattern and other issue related to Samuh-g phase-2 recruitment exam in Uttarakhand

UBTER has not completed the other eight group phase-1 recruitment exams-2011 but started the other Phase-2 recruitment exams-2011. Though it is not clear what will happen to those groups and also why they have chosen to conduct the exam which had been advertised quite late as compared to the phase-1 Samuh-g exam in Uttarakhand.
It may be because they are the almost same posts as clerk and steno recruitments in the courts of Uttarakhand 2012 (check the link below for that).

Any way from hereon you will see the information related to the phase two exam of Samuh-g in this post.

For other information related to this exam please see this:
Samuh-g or Group-c phase-2 recruitment 2011-12

New Exam date- 3rd February, 2013

Time: 10-12 am

Group- 29 (Accountants and Auditors)

Click here to see your center and roll number for group-29 and then visit the center along with two photographs on the day of exam at 9am to get the duplicate admit card.

Note- If you don’t find your name in the website through the above link, then visit the UBTER office at Pithowala campus, Dehradun with proof of photocopy of form, fee receipt, photograph, ID, and all other supporting document to get the admit card

Group- 30 (Driver) was held on 9th December, 2012
Group- 28 (clerks, personal assistants and stenographers etc.) was held on November 4, 2012

For downloading the question papers or having the idea of pattern/syllabus, please click on the appropriate links given below.

For queries related to other group or post exams of Samuh-g please see the links given below.
Visit again for any relevant information.

Your comments are welcome.

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List of rejected candidates and accepted applications with their exam centers and roll numbers for VDO or Gram Panchayat Adhikari exam 2012

Following are the list of rejected and accepted candidates and their roll numbers with exam centers from different district that has appeared in the different places.

Click here for Almora VDO recruitment exam 2012 list of rejected candidates

Click here for Almora VDO recruitment exam 2012 list of valid candidates with their roll number and exam center

Click here for Pauri Garhwal VDO recruitment exam 2012 list of candidates and their center and roll number

Click here for Bageshwar VDO recruitment exam 2012 list of rejected and accepted candidates and their center and roll number

Visit again for more list if they appear.

For admit card and idea of syllabus please read this:
Admit card and Syllabus of VDO recruitment 2012-13

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Malaraj Laxmi Shah of BJP wins the Tehri Loksabha by-election 2012 in Uttarakhand

Today after the counting is almost over the candidate of BJP Malarajya Laxmi Shah relative of Manvendra Shah has defeated the Congress candidate Saket Bahuguna son of current CM of Uttarakhand Vijay Bahuguna by 22694 votes.

Whatever it means to political pundits, but it if seen in totality from common man’s view point it points toward that you cannot win election just because one is so and so of someone powerful with money and in power not by ability but by obedience to top bosses. Further without in personal touch with the territory in past and perhaps never for future, playing Golf, having corporate business interest does not ensure you can gain foothold with the poor common man in two or three months.

When peoples are burdened with rising prices and brazen corruption and no one seems there to indict the corrupt ones for their behaviour. Moreover they are being emboldened by the top and mighty ones by promotions and eyewash kind of court proceedings. And when it comes to speaking to the peoples they talk nonsense and never talk on the real matters.
There is no need for elaboration for the above said issues you may understand yourself if you really think in unbiased manner without political affiliation.

However it doesn’t mean that other candidates are good or we are supporting them unless they show up something good to the public. Though it is well understood there is serious dearth of choice before public when it comes to choose.

In fact, It is matter of sending message democratically to those ruling us (without ability and in autocratic manner) that we are not fools, of course barring few (including some of so called educated peoples) because of whom we are ruled by handful in this way in so called a largest democracy.
At least public should vote for change (any party or man) if those present in power are shameless and useless they must be made aware of this fact whoever they are.

Your comments are welcome.

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Admit card or call letter, pattern and syllabus change of centers for the 771 Gram Panchayat Adhikari or Village Development Officer (VDO) recruitment exam 2012 in Uttarakhand

This page has been updated according to the new official notification

New Update- List of rejected/accepted VDO exam 2012 applications

Dear visitors we are getting lot of comments and queries regarding the issue of admit card for the VDO exam to be held on 21st October 2012. If in future information comes up you will see that here. So here we are presenting some information we could gather from different sources.

1- If you don’t receive the admit card then you should contact the District Panchayati Raj Officer (DPRO) Vikas Bhavan near survey chowk, Dehradun and respective Panchayati Raj Office of the district you have applied for.You must carry the receipt of the registered/speed post as proof of your application and two PP size photograph to get duplicate admit card.

One note of advice is that if you just planning to visit the Vibhag tomorrow or so for only admit card then we suggest you to wait for few more days as generally the admit card are received a week or so before the exam.

2- And it seems that the concerned department is going at a slow pace and even then making lot of mistakes in the issue of admit card. So if you have queries regarding the mistakes or misprinting on your admit card then you should contact the that Panchayati Raj department.

3- Regarding the syllabus of the exam no one can be sure of what can be asked. But based on previous experience we can say that you should be prepare from the GK of Uttarakhand, 10th level mathematics, common GK of tenth level, some current affairs and little basic knowledge of computer and internet.

The question paper of the VDO exam conducted by UBTER under the Samuh-g category can be of some help (some Samuh-g papers are there in this website. Please see them).

But mind you that the this VDO exam is being  conducted by Pantnagar University So better to have idea of the papers set by the Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar U.S. Nagar, Uttarakhand
And therefore an extremely cautious suggestion- why not have a look at the recently held papers of ANM, GNM and the papers especially the Paper-III of the recently held cooperative bank exam? May be you can get some idea if not some questions!

4- There have been changes in the some centers of the exam for that please refer to the Amar Ujala or Hindustan dated 9th October 2012.

For information related to the VDO recruitment 2012 please check this
VDO recruitment 2012-13

Important- Please note that the point 3rd above is a just a suggestion since asked by many of our visitors. And we don’t claim its accuracy. You better use your own judgment.

And at last please do comment here any information that you get from the Panchayati Raj Vibhag or any other related information for the benefit of many other visitors.

So your comments are always welcome.

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B.Ed. admission counseling, list of NCTE approved B.Ed colleges and other important information: Garhwal University, Srinagar 2012-13

Counseling schedule for the B.Ed. admission 2012-13 in the various colleges affiliated to Garhwal University Srinagar will be as follow:

Dates- 9th October, 2012

Reporting: a day before the counseling (on 8th of October 2012)

Place- University Library compound

Timing for registration- 11am to 5pm

Click here to know various details regarding the B.Ed. admission 2012-13 of Garhwal University

Click here to check the important notice, fees structure and the NCTE approved or otherwise list of B.Ed. colleges.

To download your result please check this link
Garhwal University B.Ed. Admission 2012-13

You can ask something through comments. We will try to provide the necessary answer if we can.
Please visit again for more information later.

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M.Ed. Admission 2012-13: HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

 Click here to see the notice for counseling to be held on 23rd February, 2013.

Click here to see the result of the M.Ed. entrance exam 2012-13

ENTRANCE EXAM: - 28th October, 2012. As this date was coinciding with the other exam date it has been changed. New exam date is 4th November, 2012.
FORM FEES: - For General (GEN) and Other Backward Caste (O.B.C) - Rupees 500 (550 by post)
For Schedule Caste (SC) and Schedule Tribe (ST) - Rupees 250 (300 by post)

FORMS AVAILABILITY: - From University Offices at Srinagar and Bindal Pul Dehradun from 1st October, 2012 to 10th October 2012.
You can also download the form and send Bank draft with that.

Download form for the M.Ed. entrance exam for Garhwal University.


LAST DATE FOR SUBMITTING FORM AT UNIVERSITY OFFICE: - 10th October 2012. (Extended up to 15th October)
(Along with the photocopy of necessary documents)

Note- session 2011-12 has been declared zero by the University.

For guidelines for the M.Ed. entrance exam or any other information or notification please check the link given below:

Official notification for Garhwal University M.Ed. entrance 2012-13

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Declared waiting list and appointment of the direct LT recruitment exam 2010-11

New- waiting list candidates will be getting appointments letters after the board exams are over so here is the new information regarding the joining of LT teachers.
LT exam-2010 waiting list and joining 2013

After a long wait of more than one year, the LT waiting for the LT recruitment exam 2010-11 which was held on 30th January 2011 and the result came out after verification on 23 August 201, has been declared. The list has been prepared on basis of the vacancies that could not be filled out of the total available post.
Perhaps this line will summarize the feeling for many candidates.
It is better to be late than never.

All selected candidates have to report for document verification on 16th of October, 2012 at the Polytechnic campus office of UBTER Pithowala, Dehradun.

Please check the updated waiting list after verification of documents

We would like to congratulate all the candidates.
We have tried to provide a platform for those “to-be-teachers” through this Blog and it is good to see that some of the respected visitors are there in the list.
The process of new LT recruitment is also underway (read the link below)

VBTC candidates are also getting their appointment.
So these are positive developments.
Another one liner- something is better than nothing
One note to all those ‘Teachers’; please do justice with your job and those children.

It is not very big talk and you all can understand what we mean in the context of the slow, not rewarding, “no-one-is-going-to-ask” type of government education department.

Your comments are welcome.

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Job (1) Age limit for UKPCS jobs (1) Aided Colleges (1) Airtel 3G service (1) Assam Rifles (1) BAMS (1) BBA (1) BHMS (1) Berojgari Bhatta (1) CBRI Roorkee (1) CLAT (1) CPMEE (1) Caste Certificate (1) D.A.V. (P.G.) College Dehradun (1) Deemed University (1) Dental Surgeons (1) Domicile certificate (1) FRI Dehradun (1) Fireman (1) Forestry (1) GB Pant University admission 2013 (1) GBPEC (1) GKV recruitment (1) Government Medical College Haldwani (1) Governor (1) Haridwar (1) IBPS (1) ICSE (1) IGNOU (1) Inspectors in ITBPF (1) Insurance Assistants (1) Jollygrant Medical college (1) Junior High School (1) Kedarnath (1) LT recruitment 2012-13 (1) Lab Assistant recruitment in Government Schools (1) Law admissions (1) Lecturer recruitment 2012-13 (1) List of appointment of LT teachers (1) M.Ed. admission (1) M.Ed. result (1) MFA (1) MPhil (1) MSW (1) Matron (1) NCTE approved B.Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand (1) NEET (1) Navodaya Vidyalaya (1) Nursing school (1) OBC (1) Online booking (1) PGDCA (1) RIMC Dehradun (1) RRB (1) RRB recruitments (1) SC (1) SDCH (1) SLET (1) SMI (1) SSC (1) SSC recruitment (1) ST (1) Sainik School (1) Samuh-g 2011-12 phase-3 (1) Sub Inspectors (SI) in ITBPF (1) Suchna Awam Lok Sampark Vibhag (1) TWSS (1) UK board High school exam 2013 (1) UK board intermediate exam 2013 (1) UOU (1) UPCL (1) University exams in Uttarakhand (1) Uttarakhand Gramin Bank (1) Uttarakhand Lok Nirman Vibhag (1) Uttarakhand Mahila Samakhya (1) Uttarakhand PCS Van Chetradhikari Pariksha 2012 (1) Uttarakhand Sikshit Berojgar awam Sah Kaushal Yojana (1) Uttarakhand sansakrit vishwavidyalaya Haridwar (1) Warden (1) Woman empowerment (1) changes in the reservation (OBC/SC/ST) policies (1) mobile service providers in Uttarakhand (1) polytechnic admission 2013 (1) regular BTC (1) samuh-g 2011-12 phase-1 result (1) siksha mitra (1) tele-education (1) uttarakhand civil service exam result (1)

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